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Do a PT 3 with all of y'all
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Rug and mandy-*gets caught switching bodies*
Worker- wtf are you doing
Rug- uhhhhhhh just doing my routines
Mandy- yeah we just doin our routine for the morning
Worker- ookkkkkkkkay
Rug- that was a close one
Mandy- yeah or either she would’ve know we were aliens.
*blahblahblah they finally switch bodies blahblahblah they take over the world blahblahblah*
Worker- i fucking knew it
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Bro that needs 60M sub im not kidding like what you did with the man was awesome
Love you bro👍❤️
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Watch 3:21
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That’s so nice to give all of your food to a poor person
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I know how to play Fortnite
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Wanna hear a comeback for your bully ? Press read more if yes. Carry on with ur day or night if not

Roses are red
Violets are blue
God made me beautiful
What happened to you?

Last comeback

Roses are red violets are blue
A face like yours belongs in a zoo
But don’t worry I’ll be there too but not in a cage but laughing at you...
That’s all I have for now
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Part 3
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Why not a gril is their u guys change and Bryan says like my make up
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so a 3rd
I liked ur video just u gave the food to that homeless man great work! And loved your video and also keep up the good work
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Lana and Jacklin - پیش 2 ماه
When she said I’m a mix of Chanel and Justin at the beginning I was like is she talking about my mom and dad 😂 my mom spells it shannelle and my dads is the same Justin
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October 2018?
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Do a cis thalith
genesisMary montoyaArchuleta
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10:40 OUCH!!! she bangedher head
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I hate the girls voice
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lol it was sow funny
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Video starts

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At 9:47 they said “they switched” i know Spanish :)
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