Zedd, Grey - The Middle (Lyrics) ft. Maren Morris

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SyrebralVibes - Ù¾ÛŒØ´ ماه
*Who else is still listening to this daily?* 😍
Samantha Langdon
Samantha Langdon - Ù¾ÛŒØ´ ساعت
Samantha Langdon
Samantha Langdon - Ù¾ÛŒØ´ ساعت
Everyday i go to school this song will always be playing on my radio car. From Malaysia.. Thx u have diamond heart song?
-•Azure Mythos-• [•The Mythsetian Dragon•]
Me- ;-;
Yeetsi juju
Yeetsi juju - Ù¾ÛŒØ´ ساعت
Free restarts 00:00
Yeetsi juju
Yeetsi juju - Ù¾ÛŒØ´ ساعت
Imrich karšay
Imrich karÅ¡ay - Ù¾ÛŒØ´ 3 ساعت
good sing
Abigail Taylor
Abigail Taylor - Ù¾ÛŒØ´ 4 ساعت
Defan Devan
Defan Devan - Ù¾ÛŒØ´ 5 ساعت
나는이 노래가 마음에 든다.
Carlo 2502
Carlo 2502 - Ù¾ÛŒØ´ 5 ساعت
Nehle Reinhard
Nehle Reinhard - Ù¾ÛŒØ´ 6 ساعت
Middle ist sehr gut
Darwin Quevedo
Darwin Quevedo - Ù¾ÛŒØ´ 6 ساعت
Ana Vlahovic
Ana Vlahovic - Ù¾ÛŒØ´ 6 ساعت

Watch the damn video
Dicky Wanks
Dicky Wanks - Ù¾ÛŒØ´ 7 ساعت
thanks to rito i found this catchy ass song
Uroš Tevž
UroÅ¡ Tevž - Ù¾ÛŒØ´ 7 ساعت
Click like if you like this song so much
Vladan Mitkovic
Vladan Mitkovic - Ù¾ÛŒØ´ 7 ساعت
Enila Brero
Enila Brero - Ù¾ÛŒØ´ 7 ساعت
Haley Cheung
Haley Cheung - Ù¾ÛŒØ´ 9 ساعت
Lilieni Fiamatai
Lilieni Fiamatai - Ù¾ÛŒØ´ 10 ساعت
Ashton Garcia
Ashton Garcia - Ù¾ÛŒØ´ 10 ساعت
I hope this will be on YouTube rewind ✌️
krististarkey - Ù¾ÛŒØ´ 11 ساعت
2018 ? Iove you
AllenTV Fortnite
AllenTV Fortnite - Ù¾ÛŒØ´ 15 ساعت
November 16th anyone?
Cute Hearts453
Cute Hearts453 - Ù¾ÛŒØ´ 15 ساعت
My best friends little brother did this for a dance for his after school his sister was my best friend for 3 years and I currently moved and I miss her so much I cry whenever I hear this song
Anthony Koptyra
Anthony Koptyra - Ù¾ÛŒØ´ 15 ساعت
My friend is asictase
Zo Zo
Zo Zo - Ù¾ÛŒØ´ 16 ساعت
why dont you mmmeet me in the middel
Xx Princess
Xx Princess - Ù¾ÛŒØ´ 16 ساعت
Zeed,Grey-The Middle (Lyrics) ft.Maren Morris

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puppy Girl
puppy Girl - Ù¾ÛŒØ´ 17 ساعت
Trần Sury Mary
Trần Sury Mary - Ù¾ÛŒØ´ 17 ساعت
What 2018 music ???
Dutton 798
Dutton 798 - Ù¾ÛŒØ´ 17 ساعت
Olivia Montes
Olivia Montes - Ù¾ÛŒØ´ 17 ساعت
this video has so many views im shook
donte verjan
donte verjan - Ù¾ÛŒØ´ 17 ساعت
Hahahahahhaha my sister is singing along #girl problems
donte verjan
donte verjan - Ù¾ÛŒØ´ 17 ساعت
Ya bro girl problems
Ali khan
Ali khan - Ù¾ÛŒØ´ 17 ساعت
I love it 😄😄
Vherna Sierra
Vherna Sierra - Ù¾ÛŒØ´ 18 ساعت
Nica song 😍
PhÆ°Æ¡ng Vy
PhÆ°Æ¡ng Vy - Ù¾ÛŒØ´ 18 ساعت
Any one noobs are good singers!
Violet Blue
Violet Blue - Ù¾ÛŒØ´ 18 ساعت
la .e
la .e - Ù¾ÛŒØ´ 20 ساعت
why does a lyrics video get so many dislikes? 🤨
Jeofery Salandy
Jeofery Salandy - Ù¾ÛŒØ´ 20 ساعت
Make a
Jeofery Salandy
Jeofery Salandy - Ù¾ÛŒØ´ 20 ساعت
Ii why don't you make another Love IRvideo video cuz I love it you are really a good person and you and you give other people help but you are the most everybody is is your best and do your best and keep up the good luck I love you bye
Christina Kampo
Christina Kampo - Ù¾ÛŒØ´ 20 ساعت
nice song
Nicole Schweyer
Nicole Schweyer - Ù¾ÛŒØ´ 20 ساعت
when i sing i sowd like that
Molly New
Molly New - Ù¾ÛŒØ´ 20 ساعت
I love this song
Ines Kaci
Ines Kaci - Ù¾ÛŒØ´ 20 ساعت
Nevaeh Bellany
Nevaeh Bellany - Ù¾ÛŒØ´ 21 ساعت
I love yer,sogs😄😄😄😄😄😄😏😏😏
Yosra El bezazi
Yosra El bezazi - Ù¾ÛŒØ´ 21 ساعت
Love the song❤❤
Jeanlouis Karima
Jeanlouis Karima - Ù¾ÛŒØ´ 21 ساعت
top song. what found you?
Matthew Perks
Matthew Perks - Ù¾ÛŒØ´ 21 ساعت
Moonkaise Prado
Moonkaise Prado - Ù¾ÛŒØ´ 22 ساعت
Muito icribile
Jewel Theft
Jewel Theft - Ù¾ÛŒØ´ 23 ساعت
I've always thought she was light-skinned but she's not
(MazeliTheGamer) - Ù¾ÛŒØ´ 23 ساعت
T 😉😉😉😄😉😄😉😎😁😄😉😄😍😙😅😉😋😍😉😍😉😍😄😁😉😄😎😙😍😙😄😉😄😉😄😉😄😉😄😉😊😍😉😄😉😄😉😄😚😍😍😁😉😄😉😉😄😉😄😅😁😍😊😍😉😍😉😅😁😅😉😉😄😍😉😘😉😉😄😅😉
(MazeliTheGamer) - Ù¾ÛŒØ´ 23 ساعت
Like I said I
Shazia Shiraz
Shazia Shiraz - Ù¾ÛŒØ´ 23 ساعت
Chris Conti
Chris Conti - Ù¾ÛŒØ´ 23 ساعت
very good song
Lorenzo Pio Crocco
Lorenzo Pio Crocco - Ù¾ÛŒØ´ روز
roberto candioli
roberto candioli - Ù¾ÛŒØ´ روز
trey walzer
trey walzer - Ù¾ÛŒØ´ روز
this song I good I listen this song at school
Shazia Shiraz
Shazia Shiraz - Ù¾ÛŒØ´ روز
ela :3
ela :3 - Ù¾ÛŒØ´ روز
Bhavika Dhiman
Bhavika Dhiman - Ù¾ÛŒØ´ روز
why don't you just meet me in the middle...............
Arun Productions
Arun Productions - Ù¾ÛŒØ´ روز
ur mum gay
101 Soh
101 Soh - Ù¾ÛŒØ´ روز
My favorite!😍😘 ,Nice I think up!
patricia bino
patricia bino - Ù¾ÛŒØ´ روز
this song its very beautiful
chantel tan
chantel tan - Ù¾ÛŒØ´ روز
Adil Shah
Adil Shah - Ù¾ÛŒØ´ روز
Good. Song
Niassuh 12
Niassuh 12 - Ù¾ÛŒØ´ روز
why he is sayins a fuck and fucking
Quater Girl
Quater Girl - Ù¾ÛŒØ´ روز
Nice Song I love Dis Song 😍
Lisa Taylor
Lisa Taylor - Ù¾ÛŒØ´ روز
Indu Gandhi
Indu Gandhi - Ù¾ÛŒØ´ روز
Love i5 so much 💕🍬🍼🥜😙🍪🌚🍦💀👽🥧🍻😚🍻🍻🍻🍭🍰🍭🏺⚗️🏺🐒🐯🐹🕶🐭👜👓🐭👜🐭👓🐭🐭👓🐭👜🐭🐭👓🐭🐭👓👓👓
Radit Vikri
Radit Vikri - Ù¾ÛŒØ´ روز
Queen Flame Kaboom
Queen Flame Kaboom - Ù¾ÛŒØ´ روز
This is the best song ever!
Jasbir - Ù¾ÛŒØ´ روز
If you like this song you should defitnely listen to "Hamster - City Limits" , it's kinda amazing song and artist
Harnoor - Ù¾ÛŒØ´ روز
If you have a second and you are bored listening to the same ol music, you should check out "Hamster - City Limits", totally amazing
Mike Berg
Mike Berg - Ù¾ÛŒØ´ روز
Please take a minute of your time and listen to the next big thing "Hamster - City Limits", you won't be dissapointed
Angie Ciriaco
Angie Ciriaco - Ù¾ÛŒØ´ روز
I sing like her
Sriranjini Ranga Subramanian
Sriranjini Ranga Subramanian - Ù¾ÛŒØ´ روز
Lydia Rivera
Lydia Rivera - Ù¾ÛŒØ´ روز
Rocky Feller Chaves
Rocky Feller Chaves - Ù¾ÛŒØ´ روز
i love the song
Willie Wilson
Willie Wilson - Ù¾ÛŒØ´ روز
2018 anyone?
Jennifer Chen
Jennifer Chen - Ù¾ÛŒØ´ روز
Middle=Little bc D8 LOL D8=DATE just a guess
Flor Rincon
Flor Rincon - Ù¾ÛŒØ´ روز
I wish my baby met me in the middle
Jennifer Chen
Jennifer Chen - Ù¾ÛŒØ´ روز
woah woah woah Nice song i luv it pretty nice job
Joyce Juarez
Joyce Juarez - Ù¾ÛŒØ´ روز
I'm listening to this daily to
Shiggy Diggy
Shiggy Diggy - Ù¾ÛŒØ´ روز
i would definitely meat her in the middle ;)
Brittany Tornow
Brittany Tornow - Ù¾ÛŒØ´ روز
Your awesome
Coralie Proulx
Coralie Proulx - Ù¾ÛŒØ´ روز
Trouver lintru 😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😄😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁
amy hodgson
amy hodgson - Ù¾ÛŒØ´ روز
Your the best
:v Sobrino Pac-Man :v
:v Sobrino Pac-Man :v - Ù¾ÛŒØ´ روز
phoebe walwyn
phoebe walwyn - Ù¾ÛŒØ´ روز
How good is this song 10/10 no 100/100 oh u get it this is so good u are the best how do u make your own song it must of bin so hard I wonder how long it took u to make to do this song love u so much
Dalixia Jv
Dalixia Jv - Ù¾ÛŒØ´ روز
November 2018?No?Ok
victor brylewicz
victor brylewicz - Ù¾ÛŒØ´ روز
Viju Jethava
Viju Jethava - Ù¾ÛŒØ´ روز
I love this song 😍😍❤❤❤
Rose Camene
Rose Camene - Ù¾ÛŒØ´ روز
Rose Camene
Rose Camene - Ù¾ÛŒØ´ روز
2018 I love it ☺😊😀😁
Rania Rafeh
Rania Rafeh - Ù¾ÛŒØ´ 2 روز
When I hear this song I sing it corectly
Rania Rafeh
Rania Rafeh - Ù¾ÛŒØ´ 2 روز
I love this song so badly
Lais Leia Rodrigues
Lais Leia Rodrigues - Ù¾ÛŒØ´ 2 روز
Andre Rodrigues Cosmo
Andre Rodrigues Cosmo - Ù¾ÛŒØ´ روز
Nadira Koukou
Nadira Koukou - Ù¾ÛŒØ´ 2 روز
I LOVE IT❤❤❤❤❤
Starry Souls
Starry Souls - Ù¾ÛŒØ´ 2 روز
Am I the only one who heard that creepy robotic echo from the auto tune? (0:28)
Sadan Ibrahim
Sadan Ibrahim - Ù¾ÛŒØ´ 52 دقیقه
KAYLANE Stephanie
KAYLANE Stephanie - Ù¾ÛŒØ´ 2 روز
Tábita SM
Tábita SM - Ù¾ÛŒØ´ 2 روز
Kelli Joy Vlogs
Kelli Joy Vlogs - Ù¾ÛŒØ´ 2 روز
Everyone listened to this song when it came out for like 1 and a half terms... very popular at my school
ดาว'ว ซี่'ซี่
ดาว'ว ซี่'ซี่
cute thing
cute thing - Ù¾ÛŒØ´ 2 روز
I love it so cool so pop rock
Concepcion Gallenero
Concepcion Gallenero - Ù¾ÛŒØ´ 2 روز
Favorite song forever
Gabriella Metta
Gabriella Metta - Ù¾ÛŒØ´ 2 روز