10 YouTubers Who Killed Their Career In Seconds (TheGabbieShow, Tmartn, Sam Pepper)

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The Countdown
The Countdown - پیش 9 ماه
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the busy family
the busy family - پیش 3 روز
Gabbie hanna is doing great so.. just dont shes perfect.
Kristia Millwood
Kristia Millwood - پیش 11 روز
GameHub dnnlhhhb
K.Nicole - پیش 13 ساعت
So did Shaycarl get a divorce orrrr
Mirian Schmaltz
Mirian Schmaltz - پیش 22 ساعت
Super panic frenzy :'(
Rhyebreadchu Clark YT
Rhyebreadchu Clark YT - پیش 3 روز
#1.Jake Paul
#2.Logan Paul
Barbara Wheel
Barbara Wheel - پیش 3 روز
Never heard of any of these people. 🤔
Anym - پیش 4 روز
18 and 15...wooooow, what a BIG *controversy*
1919192 dhhfhef
1919192 dhhfhef - پیش 5 روز
0:16-0:22 did u just threaten me lol
Jenn Stephenson
Jenn Stephenson - پیش 5 روز
MASKVIPER - پیش 5 روز
No wonder Toby didn't post anymore happy wheels videos
Jeff Ferreira
Jeff Ferreira - پیش 5 روز
Eh...most of these are complete nonsense.
Bianca Barron
Bianca Barron - پیش 7 روز
Gabbie is doing amazing. She didn’t ignore the problem she made several videos about the situation
Angel TheBoss
Angel TheBoss - پیش 7 روز
2018 update for ray, he came back
The Elder Scrolls Guide
The Elder Scrolls Guide - پیش 7 روز
You forgot daddy o five
vidrio1 - پیش 7 روز
Never heard of any of these losers.
remix boom
remix boom - پیش 8 روز
fpsRussian ?
pacificrules - پیش 8 روز
Topic video begins at 0:51...
David Bloyd
David Bloyd - پیش 8 روز
Those are not controversy.
Happy Thoughts
Happy Thoughts - پیش 8 روز
Shaytards look to be going strong to me .
Daddy Smoke
Daddy Smoke - پیش 9 روز
MrBossFtw lol
Ruthy - پیش 9 روز
LMAO yeah guys the Amazon gift cards have those kinds of codes
hks071 - پیش 10 روز
Never heard any of these.
Matthew Carpenter
Matthew Carpenter - پیش 10 روز
Gabriel got a uuge nose
JPence14 - پیش 10 روز
Wings of Redemption
Ryan Dodgy
Ryan Dodgy - پیش 10 روز
You forgot kay2036
james c
james c - پیش 10 روز
Why pinch a butt when it is so much more pleasant for all concerned to palm one?
Reble soldier Gaming
Reble soldier Gaming - پیش 11 روز
It would probably do the world some good if someone took over pewdie pies channel
satan loves whores
satan loves whores - پیش 11 روز
Sams hot I'd let him pinch my butt
Ryyi23 - پیش 12 روز
Well Tobuscus has returned
backandbad - پیش 13 روز
What about SSSniper wolf??
KAIVO PLAY - پیش 13 روز
T-Series next plz
Mooon Rocks
Mooon Rocks - پیش 14 روز
Forgot iflyillini
Illuminati aqi
Illuminati aqi - پیش 14 روز
15 and 18 well what is the problem?
Kryptonite Kitty
Kryptonite Kitty - پیش 14 روز
The fan boys and girls are real lol
Kryptonite Kitty
Kryptonite Kitty - پیش 14 روز
Build the wall
Rosei Nee
Rosei Nee - پیش 14 روز
YouTubers nightmares
Tiffany Anders
Tiffany Anders - پیش 14 روز
Yeah a dude is not aloud to date a younger person but if the genders were changed it would be okay and supported
Yikes K
Yikes K - پیش 14 روز
YouTube has made some weirdo basic people so rich lol
Jollie Anne Deza
Jollie Anne Deza - پیش 14 روز
Never heard any of those YouTubers.
Jason Calderon
Jason Calderon - پیش 13 روز
Im sure we won't forget the word controversy soon though
Xpozm - پیش 15 روز
Still waiting for that meteor
Veronica kovpak
Veronica kovpak - پیش 15 روز
What about bf v gf when they broke up?
Malagasy Prince
Malagasy Prince - پیش 15 روز
Artwork Orchids & Beekeeping
Artwork Orchids & Beekeeping - پیش 15 روز
I eat paint chips so you don't have to. It is a controversial conspiracy.
Justise Corbesia
Justise Corbesia - پیش 15 روز
I miss equals three soooooo much !
Alan Wright
Alan Wright - پیش 15 روز
I did what you said ! I hope I win! :D
Jaylin M
Jaylin M - پیش 15 روز
You should have put you on the list😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
gift cards? man people really fall for that?
David Flores
David Flores - پیش 16 روز
Wellllllll i dont have a phone
Dakz Wilson
Dakz Wilson - پیش 16 روز
27million peoples phones got destroyed...
Volleyball Is My Life Ramirez
Volleyball Is My Life Ramirez - پیش 16 روز
I really doubt that a meteor is going to come and destroy my phone
Erik J
Erik J - پیش 16 روز
Could you literally eat the gift card? I think you should do that.
Chocolatebunny 272
Chocolatebunny 272 - پیش 16 روز
The SAKS channels 💔
rafaeladalvi - پیش 16 روز
I miss equals 3
TheQueen - پیش 16 روز
I was going to mention Shaytards
SkittleBoy3000 - پیش 16 روز
Logan Paul
PlayingLikeSir - پیش 17 روز
You forgot frankieonpc
Critical Look
Critical Look - پیش 17 روز
*...IN SECONDS* ??!!!
Nahte Guy
Nahte Guy - پیش 17 روز
Bash, 18 n 15 I bet you some peoples parents have a bigger age gap
Secede em 4 Freedom
Secede em 4 Freedom - پیش 17 روز
Children don't have boobs
Jerry Counts
Jerry Counts - پیش 17 روز
I remember when people did real work or productive things with their time.
Infectionz - پیش 17 روز
Jokes on you, i dont got a phone.
LegendSyntax - پیش 18 روز
Gamehub? More like,
RANDOM GAMER - پیش 18 روز
*Pewdiepie vs T-series*
S.talin M.agnificant
S.talin M.agnificant - پیش 18 روز
Who’s GabbieShow?
Cap. Squid
Cap. Squid - پیش 18 روز
Gabbie is doing great, the heck you mean?
Dale Jayme
Dale Jayme - پیش 18 روز
You're next I bet. Hahaha.
Charisma Corfee
Charisma Corfee - پیش 18 روز
Khalil Gamer
Khalil Gamer - پیش 18 روز
Just Kells
Just Kells - پیش 18 روز
I'll be honest, I'm waiting on that meteor
Shayne Boeckman
Shayne Boeckman - پیش 18 روز
I've never heard of any of these youtubers. lol
Elite Roblox
Elite Roblox - پیش 19 روز
3009 anyone?
Michael King
Michael King - پیش 19 روز
Nearly 60 seconds of self promotion? Wow.
Sofia santos
Sofia santos - پیش 19 روز
shinephd sttoped to
HopelessGamerGirl - پیش 19 روز
When you haven’t heard of any of these guys...
Or it’s just me 😂
Angel wick city
Angel wick city - پیش 19 روز
Age ain't nun but a number
Pra _ yash
Pra _ yash - پیش 19 روز
Best GTA V-IDOES - پیش 19 روز
Toby’s channel is still up
Pranav Valand
Pranav Valand - پیش 19 روز
Two words LOGAN PAUL
The MX Guru
The MX Guru - پیش 19 روز
Nice vid bro
Jeremie Moon
Jeremie Moon - پیش 19 روز
You forgot FPSrussia.
Vin ce
Vin ce - پیش 20 روز
A youtube career is not a career
Huge Big
Huge Big - پیش 20 روز
Big nose .
David Johnson
David Johnson - پیش 21 روز
I've literally watched *none* of these people/channels.
Kylexkyle - پیش 21 روز
Can you post more!!
kommand tv
kommand tv - پیش 21 روز
Definitely dont want that meteor to break my phone
Msonareh - پیش 21 روز
Crissy Danielle left the chat...
Travis - پیش 21 روز
Makeup should be illegal
Mac But Not The Makeup Brand
Mac But Not The Makeup Brand - پیش 21 روز
Gabbies doing fine wdym sis
Sista Snapp_d
Sista Snapp_d - پیش 21 روز
Where's t series?
Popescu Marius
Popescu Marius - پیش 22 روز
Let me guess,Logan Paul is in there
GITLIT TOO - پیش 22 روز
I dont know none of these fools. Lol
Thot Destroyer
Thot Destroyer - پیش 22 روز
You make me incredibly suicidal
wild one
wild one - پیش 22 روز
I can get a new phone
Nuggs _
Nuggs _ - پیش 22 روز
Rachel Ward
Rachel Ward - پیش 22 روز
I remember the videos of girls saying Sam pepper raped them
Billy The Crit
Billy The Crit - پیش 22 روز
Rick Åberg
Rick Åberg - پیش 22 روز
Kevin Zhang
Kevin Zhang - پیش 22 روز
Anyone remember KevJumba?
Sara Desire'
Sara Desire' - پیش 22 روز
Never heard of half of these people
Make a part 2!!!
kalps - پیش 22 روز
fan of bts and michael jackson bille jean
Gabbie hannah is lookin great
Joy Fall
Joy Fall - پیش 22 روز
Are you kidding me? Why is 15 and 18 a big deal?