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Samantha Landreth
Samantha Landreth - پیش 6 ساعت
I went to middle school in the town where they grew up. Wild. I went to south harnett middle.
Gunter Hullander
Gunter Hullander - پیش 8 ساعت
So I looked up the fake address Rhett have at 6:54, all I typed in was “173 g” And it was the top searched thing 🤣
UndieBandit - پیش 8 ساعت
I was genuinely interested how they met Stevie and how she became such a big part of the crew
The Three Brothers
The Three Brothers - پیش 9 ساعت
In play recorder
Melanie Rose
Melanie Rose - پیش 9 ساعت
I guess the searches have changed in 2 months... now the first one is “Are Rhett and Link Friends”
MoneyB - پیش 10 ساعت
That makes me sad that they don’t have that friendship that they used to😓
cocotemtation __
cocotemtation __ - پیش 11 ساعت
Why does Stevie always dress like a homeless hipster?
Mythical beast
Mythical beast - پیش 13 ساعت
I feel like Rhett is a lot more with it than link.
eric rosen
eric rosen - پیش 17 ساعت
plz tell me he was joking when he said they werent friends
Mark Kelley
Mark Kelley - پیش روز
I live in Georgia! North or South of Atlanta?
InsaneTacoz - پیش روز
Jeez, the things Stevie does for them
Tristan Pearson
Tristan Pearson - پیش روز
4:58 Me trying to curse in middle school.
lexi monson
lexi monson - پیش روز
Can we mention the fact that they don't believe that global warming is real...
Kira King
Kira King - پیش روز
Literally I don’t think a hair cut has ever affected someone’s attractiveness like links hair cut did. Zam zaddy
Angel Jordan
Angel Jordan - پیش روز
Have..you ever put..butter in your ears...
FiniteInfinity - پیش روز
I can usually tell when Rhett’s joking but when he was talkin bout school I couldn’t and now I’m scared they actually believe that 😭
The FBI - پیش روز
Link: *I aM a fUrRy*
Maddymaehey Animations
Maddymaehey Animations - پیش روز
Hello I’m Rhett and I’m link. Today we are going to be answering the internets most asked questions. Let’s talk about that.
Alice Dole
Alice Dole - پیش روز
Jimmy Small
Jimmy Small - پیش روز
Are they not real friends?
ItsSkyline - پیش روز
Nate Dog
Nate Dog - پیش روز
3:48 is honestly so true 😂
Amirool Bahri
Amirool Bahri - پیش روز
Elizabeth Waldron
Elizabeth Waldron - پیش روز
Do people searching this actually watch gmm? Google searches never make sense
Kendra MorrissE
Kendra MorrissE - پیش روز
2:38 Rhett and wink
Gamber63 - پیش روز
They just done it like it's their video man
Lamabearcandostuff Kinda
Lamabearcandostuff Kinda - پیش روز
yoko skyes
yoko skyes - پیش 2 روز
Wait, I’m confused. So Rhett and Link aren’t friends in real life?
.07% Milk
.07% Milk - پیش 2 روز
Someone pls tell me Rhett’s kidding about global warming
Lyndon Swan
Lyndon Swan - پیش 2 روز
notice how Rhett didn't deny being a stoner. if anything he might have said ya lol
The Great Bidoof
The Great Bidoof - پیش 2 روز
Stop brainwashing your kids!!!
Low Battery
Low Battery - پیش 2 روز
I’ll take the singing as a no😂😂
Hildy van Hefeweizen
Hildy van Hefeweizen - پیش 2 روز
I knew Rhett was a crispy critter.
Gentle Eve
Gentle Eve - پیش 2 روز
Omg. The homeschool answer was amazing. They act like they’re kidding but those who know... KNOW.
Lia - پیش 2 روز
"have you ever put butter in your ears....."
Lakia Boyd
Lakia Boyd - پیش 3 روز
Wait are they actually not friends anymore
Flea Bug
Flea Bug - پیش 3 روز
Love there sarcasm
Pat1711 - پیش 3 روز
Link is a furry, confirmed
Blue Friday
Blue Friday - پیش 3 روز
Ohhhh I never knew the whole ear biscuits uploading thing. I always wondered “why did they just upload this I heard it last week on Spotify?” But that makes sense. They wait to release the video form got it
Elsche Rix
Elsche Rix - پیش 3 روز
They are so sassy XD
michaeltd578 - پیش 5 روز
But i wanted to hear how they met Stevie...
Robot Productions
Robot Productions - پیش 5 روز
Someone tell Link what a furry does
Raven 1082
Raven 1082 - پیش 7 روز
I love that they don't answer anything seriously
Slayer 724
Slayer 724 - پیش 8 روز
The Pudge
The Pudge - پیش 9 روز
3:46 100% Agree!
Addison Mccormick
Addison Mccormick - پیش 12 روز
Wait, so are they not actually friends?
Gabriel Marchbank
Gabriel Marchbank - پیش 9 روز
Addison Mccormick idk i was thinking the same thing
Sean Brogan
Sean Brogan - پیش 12 روز
Links watch is on fleek. What is it?
IwillgameENDu - پیش 16 روز
4:59 is my fav food
immrberger - پیش 16 روز
Thanks for answering!
SDS4800 - پیش 16 روز
Rhett: We homeschool because the public education system is a liberal conspiracy to brainwash children into believing things like global warming is real
I dont know if he was being sarcastic or not. But i love this man! 😂😂😂😂
Kilava1231 - پیش 17 روز
please DON'T stage a fight haha. I hate that bull and will unsub so friggin quick unless it is purposefully goofy and lasts one day
kicking it with skeletons
kicking it with skeletons - پیش 17 روز
I never thought Link would be a furry smh.
Desteny Auclair
Desteny Auclair - پیش 19 روز
They both have such beautiful eyes!!❤️❤️
inkypxrchment - پیش 19 روز
I absolutely love this comedic duo.
Galaxy Tube
Galaxy Tube - پیش 19 روز
I live in Georgia!!!!
Caity Wylie
Caity Wylie - پیش 19 روز
Their sarcasm is so good, I can't even tell when they're joking
Izaac Strickland
Izaac Strickland - پیش 20 روز
Do y'all miss links old hair
Paula Ayoma
Paula Ayoma - پیش 20 روز
Is links hair turning grey?
Mariposa - پیش 20 روز
That homeschool answer: 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻🙌🏻
Molly Bricker
Molly Bricker - پیش 20 روز
Are they friends or no?
Mike Vaknansky
Mike Vaknansky - پیش 22 روز
When you don’t know which ones which…
mythical beast
mythical beast - پیش 26 روز
Hecc no lmao
gothcostco - پیش 27 روز
i've been watching gmm since 2012 love them!
Jasmine Love
Jasmine Love - پیش 28 روز
I love these sooo much can you PLEASE do one with some of RoosterTeeth for my friend? It’d mean sooo much to her and I like to watch these
Natalie Beck
Natalie Beck - پیش 29 روز
I love how they always joke about them just being friends for entertainment! 😂😂😂
It’s always hard to tell if they’re joking or not though because they’re so good at keeping straight faces!
Dirk Dykstra
Dirk Dykstra - پیش ماه
I love that Stevie was actually there
me vs life 6
me vs life 6 - پیش ماه
I think link ans i could totally be friends
Jennifer Wiemeier
Jennifer Wiemeier - پیش ماه
So there not friends?
Charly Hotchkiss
Charly Hotchkiss - پیش ماه
Does Rhett truly not believe in climate change or was that all sarcasm?
Simon Holmqvist
Simon Holmqvist - پیش ماه
Oh now you really offended me! It's difficult to play the recorder GOOD. Although people is much more impressed when someone can play a little violin!
Aishwarya Chopra
Aishwarya Chopra - پیش ماه
Did you just burp and call me leenk at the same time
Jadon ARey
Jadon ARey - پیش ماه
They’re not friends in real life?😢
CurryKingWurst - پیش ماه
+Jadon ARey No, it really didn't.
Jadon ARey
Jadon ARey - پیش ماه
CurryKingWurst I know I’ve watched them since season 5 and I know their sarcasm, but this sounded serious.
CurryKingWurst - پیش ماه
They're also very sarcastic. You'd pick up on their sarcasm after you've watched them for a few years.
Taylor Nordin
Taylor Nordin - پیش ماه
Anybody else unsettled by Rhett saying global warming isn’t real?
The MountianDude
The MountianDude - پیش ماه
I would love to see a Rhett V. Link PayPerView cage match
Caroline Keen
Caroline Keen - پیش ماه
I kind of have less respect for them after this video. ☹
Caroline Keen
Caroline Keen - پیش ماه
+Tay K.T. idk
Tay K.T.
Tay K.T. - پیش ماه
why's that?
Brady Wilsom
Brady Wilsom - پیش ماه
I think that person means song biscuits
Fire ball gamer Train
Fire ball gamer Train - پیش ماه
I love me me’s
Fortnite US
Fortnite US - پیش ماه
Are they actually not friends?
Fortnite US
Fortnite US - پیش ماه
+CurryKingWurst thx
CurryKingWurst - پیش ماه
Sadwich Nyan ;3
Sadwich Nyan ;3 - پیش ماه
loop it! 4:59
Sadwich Nyan ;3
Sadwich Nyan ;3 - پیش ماه
are rhett and link living together?
not anymore
no ?!?!?!??!?!?!
Sadwich Nyan ;3
Sadwich Nyan ;3 - پیش ماه
I've shown my mom some of their vids and told her they're both married she understood they're married with each other 😂😂😂
PerfectParadox - پیش ماه
This is the best one!
Marnie Kenderes
Marnie Kenderes - پیش ماه
Cali Vickery
Cali Vickery - پیش ماه
INDIVELOPE - پیش ماه
Rhett saying 'whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat' with the cat would have made this vid so good :)
Mabel Pines
Mabel Pines - پیش ماه
Omg they remind me so much of Shane and Ryan 😂😂
Kt Qt
Kt Qt - پیش ماه
I was surprised when stevie actually came out lol
Alex H.
Alex H. - پیش ماه
Link is a furry confirmed
Tgamer 22
Tgamer 22 - پیش ماه
I’ve met them they are really nice
Kiro Percelli
Kiro Percelli - پیش ماه
I wonder how many questions they answered for real
DeathToPigeons - پیش ماه
Kere! AtTheDisco
Kere! AtTheDisco - پیش ماه
"Are Rhett and Link a couple?"
Bubblan Bubblan
Bubblan Bubblan - پیش ماه
i’m not famous but i google myself daily
Omg I’ve been waiting for this for forever!!!!!!!! I LOVE Rhett and Link❤️
Evellyn Lichnov
Evellyn Lichnov - پیش ماه
...the part abt their kids do they really not believe global warming is real???
CurryKingWurst - پیش ماه
Have you ever heard of sarcasm?
Basketball.yuhhh - پیش ماه
People that dont understand sarcasm will think they are bootyholes 😂
Oh Sehun
Oh Sehun - پیش ماه
*Let's talk about that*
Andrew Toons
Andrew Toons - پیش ماه
I thought you guys were friends...
niklaus !!!!!
niklaus !!!!! - پیش ماه
I wonder if all these celebrities will ever give an honest truthful answer instead of a sarcastic answer... a man can only dream .. hahaha
Grace  Porter
Grace Porter - پیش ماه
Rhett's definitely a stoner😂