Film Theory: Willy Wonka and the Golden Ticket SCAM! (Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory)

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The Game Theorists
The Game Theorists - پیش 4 ماه
For everyone saying the factory isn't in America, it actually IS American, believe it or not. The movie goes to great lengths to try and make the location ambiguous (nonsense monetary symbols, ambiguous coins, a German shoot location but everyone speaking English) but the television coverage of the Golden Ticket search we see Charlie watching always references "here in America." And in the book, he finds a "dollar" in the gutter. So signs point heavily to Wonka's being an American company.
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Ochako Uraraka AMV’s and animation’s
The Film Theorists Rip
rayne Thackrey
rayne Thackrey - پیش ماه
The Game Theorists uummmm I haaaatttttteee math
British Owl
British Owl - پیش 2 ماه
gamerking3539 - پیش 3 ماه
This was a complete bore of an episode. I stand by my belief that a work of fiction that takes place in the "real world" doesn't have to follow every rule of our world. And I actually find the Chocolate Factory a much more fun place than the real world. I know you like to ask "what if", but sometimes there are times when you shouldn't ask that at all. You should just leave something as it is and enjoy it for what it's worth. Stop trying to turn fun fiction into boring reality Mat. BTW, that judge outfit looks sub par on you.
Reid Koehn
Reid Koehn - پیش 45 دقیقه
What’s the difference of wonka chocolate factory and Charlie and the chocolate factory
Dom the Bomb
Dom the Bomb - پیش 4 ساعت
Can you do one on the modern one too?
Tinker Mane
Tinker Mane - پیش 5 ساعت
2:20 Slugworth was after the everlasting Gobstopper. Not Wonka's Chocolate.
GalaxyBlue 7
GalaxyBlue 7 - پیش 11 ساعت
I like Charle and the CHOCOLATE FACTORYY
Like if you do too
Miles Prower
Miles Prower - پیش 12 ساعت
this made me wanted to watch this movie again
Cesco's Mewtube Channel
Cesco's Mewtube Channel - پیش 14 ساعت
In the second move they survived so that’s a film killer
Clawbert :3
Clawbert :3 - پیش 14 ساعت
He's dead.... that means now that Charlie is the owner he has to pay for that find...s
Pokecrafter Champion
Pokecrafter Champion - پیش 21 ساعت
Can you get charged for literally inventing a new fetish?
Cyborg Fox fnaf plush
Cyborg Fox fnaf plush - پیش 23 ساعت
He should die in his violation
MrFunnyGuy015 - پیش روز
On top of all the OSHA violations, Willy Wonka's factory employs oompa loompas (who are clearly undocumented immigrants being exploited); the golden ticket contest was clearly rigged (with the guy pretending to be Mr. Slugworth showing up at literally every winner's location); what happened to the 4 other kids probably end in at least a lawsuit or two; and the scary tunnel will probably set off a seizure in somebody
Milkky Wolf AJ
Milkky Wolf AJ - پیش روز
I just did an essay on the book XD
Brandon the Vaporeon lover
Brandon the Vaporeon lover - پیش روز
I was scared of WWATCF because of The girl becoming fat and huge and purple

and I’m still scared of it
Boom Boy
Boom Boy - پیش روز
0:22 the great a** excavator... wow, when did mat pat start to swear
Wayne Dotson
Wayne Dotson - پیش روز
Man, I loved this movie as a much I refuse to watch the reboot after seeing a few horrific previewed scenes.
onyxdeath viper
onyxdeath viper - پیش روز
No one, not even O.S.H.A. can ruin Charlie and the chocolate factory for me. Frankly I have no care for those violations at all.
Justin Hamm
Justin Hamm - پیش روز
What about the theory that Willy Wonka is the Surviving Weasley twin, George.
Death X
Death X - پیش 2 روز
That's why they don't let anyone in
Michael Alameda
Michael Alameda - پیش 2 روز
Well, at least nobody was seen killed! :/
Vicky Machin
Vicky Machin - پیش 2 روز
But all people going in had to sign huuuuge papers.
Tinsofmaster - پیش 2 روز
wait was they in the chocolate factory on February first? My birthday is on the February first
Hannah Nash
Hannah Nash - پیش 2 روز
I agree,after watching this video,I thought Wonka was EVIL.
If I went to Wonka's factory I would call the polic3.
FeelingTopian - پیش 2 روز
Why was post malonr in here as a police officer
Jumpy - پیش 2 روز
i have watched only the modern version only
jose duenez
jose duenez - پیش 2 روز
The kids are dead 💀 now!! 😭😭
Matthew Welsford
Matthew Welsford - پیش 2 روز
8:43 " Burp you silly ass, burp." I'm somehow in tears.
Michael Francis
Michael Francis - پیش 3 روز
Alexis Castro
Alexis Castro - پیش 3 روز
I saw ass
Hamster Gamer
Hamster Gamer - پیش 3 روز
Come with me and you will be in a world of demonetization
Jetli Le
Jetli Le - پیش 3 روز
They signed the contract
base 109
base 109 - پیش 3 روز
dunadunaduna duna, Film Theory!
dododo do, do do do do do do doo, dodo dododo, Say this bit real fast dodododo duna duna duna dun!
huy tran
huy tran - پیش 3 روز
Well, When there violations around The chocolate factory, he has to pay at least 9.5 billion or 20 googolplexillion dollars.
Chipper's Revenge
Chipper's Revenge - پیش 3 روز
abdul alim khan
abdul alim khan - پیش 3 روز i am going to listen to pure imagination remix edm
dark hunterX
dark hunterX - پیش 3 روز a god damn movie
Pongi WANG
Pongi WANG - پیش 3 روز
What about the fines for Child Abuse?
Emerald sword 21 Black
Emerald sword 21 Black - پیش 3 روز
Every time I watch your vids i loos my child hood
Emerald sword 21 Black
Emerald sword 21 Black - پیش 3 روز
Nooooo my child hood
Kenjy Kenny Manning
Kenjy Kenny Manning - پیش 4 روز
I like Willy wonka the lawsuit factory
Joseph McLaughlin
Joseph McLaughlin - پیش 4 روز
btw a good few fines could have been avodided by one action put banisters around the river
luke Yorke
luke Yorke - پیش 4 روز
On the part where its on Veruca Salt, her scar is not bleeding which her scratch which was bleeding at the start, Why?
Sans Gaming
Sans Gaming - پیش 4 روز
Oompa loompa doopadedo ive got another riddle for you
Seb Qui
Seb Qui - پیش 4 روز
Please do this to the morden movie
Jakub Wojciechowski
Jakub Wojciechowski - پیش 4 روز
Don't forget about snack itself. Flying soda, flying ballons, infinite candies, this shit is hazardous! Willy even told himself that "if you'd try to bite this candy, you would break your teeth".
I'm sure Sanepid have some regulations for this
Jakub Wojciechowski
Jakub Wojciechowski - پیش 4 روز
Calm down. Calm down. Calm....

Like really dude, fact that you were kid when you saw this doesn't make it objectivly better. It' just the same. Maybe even slighty worse
Ben 10
Ben 10 - پیش 4 روز
What about Charlie and the chocolate factory
Anthony Lebron
Anthony Lebron - پیش 4 روز
Alot of this would be fine in china.
nintendude nintendo
nintendude nintendo - پیش 4 روز
1:51 lol
Carson Schill
Carson Schill - پیش 5 روز
I watched in school
Atsuko Kagari
Atsuko Kagari - پیش 5 روز
The soap violation doesn't count, as that's soda foam in the lore of the movie.
Enjel 2
Enjel 2 - پیش 5 روز
The other Movie Charlie And The Chocolate factory have violations?
NiKoNRosa - پیش 5 روز
how are we not sure he isn't a lawyer
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coolanimations - - پیش 5 روز
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Cameron S
Cameron S - پیش 5 روز
U a dick thats my faverit show. And its to teach parents and kids not to be selfish and gretty and parentes need to be more please strick. charley was nither... wanka doesent give a f*** about osha!!!!
Rockstar Raccoon
Rockstar Raccoon - پیش 6 روز
Except OSHA didn't exist until the Nixon administration, and this is set in the Great Depression, so, actually, none of these were violations at the time.
Cool Nerd
Cool Nerd - پیش 6 روز
You're not a bad singer.
skyler the dog
skyler the dog - پیش 6 روز
well it is just a movie so it cant be payed in the movie company
Mrs. Morbid
Mrs. Morbid - پیش 6 روز
a cult of candy.
candy, and little people.
Meao Gaming
Meao Gaming - پیش 6 روز
Well I know who to call when I need a lawyer
Blu Cifer
Blu Cifer - پیش 6 روز
Several holes in your theory. OSHA founded April 1971. Movie finished filming in 1970. So ODHA didn’t exist during the filming of this movie. 2. Movie does not necessarily take place in USA. Book is set in “great city,” but never mentions which one. 3. Movie was filmed in Munich, West Germany, so no OSHA standards there!
Carl Webber
Carl Webber - پیش 6 روز
Actually charlie and the factory is more close to the book
A Bundle Of Sticks
A Bundle Of Sticks - پیش 6 روز
No humans work there and it likely isn't even the real factory not to mention *no one is allowed in*
Sans Gaming
Sans Gaming - پیش 6 روز
Come with me Charlie to the wonkavator Charlie

*by yourself Charlie*
Green Plush Videos
Green Plush Videos - پیش 7 روز
Which golden ticket do you mean the chocolate factory or the polar express
IDTGaming 123
IDTGaming 123 - پیش 7 روز
Willy wonka is the new fnaf??
CrazyGamerGirl 97
CrazyGamerGirl 97 - پیش 7 روز
The 2005 version is better for theories. It’s closer to the book than the 1971 film. I personally prefer the 2005 film anyway since it was my childhood but whatever.
FireGain Lok
FireGain Lok - پیش 7 روز
It's a film idiot.
Duck Squad
Duck Squad - پیش 7 روز
I NEVER Liked that movie xD
Irene Lim
Irene Lim - پیش 7 روز
Toutally gonna give this a liked good job
SillyDilly Dillyilly
SillyDilly Dillyilly - پیش 7 روز
did u know willy Wonka the actor died 2 weeks ago
mario barreto
mario barreto - پیش 7 روز
For some reason this movie really scared me when i first saw it 😂
Gavin Rafuls
Gavin Rafuls - پیش 8 روز
its just a kids movie but ok
Starswirl 78910
Starswirl 78910 - پیش 8 روز
I make my own chocolate sometimes how do business men not know this...
TheHsk07 - پیش 8 روز
Welcome to film Theory
sad seed
sad seed - پیش 8 روز
When Game Theory copies off the theorizer that is a copy off of Game Theory
johnnypal - پیش 8 روز
Thanks for ruining the movie
nanna95K - پیش 8 روز
oh poor child... I hope osha will have mercy on the kid concidering the circomstances..
Kitty Pixel
Kitty Pixel - پیش 8 روز
Moncef Mansouri
Moncef Mansouri - پیش 8 روز
Come with me and you'll be in a world of OSHA violation s
Average_Fangirl - پیش 8 روز
Why am I just now finding out that MatPat does both the film theory and game theory channels??!?!
Skeiken Den ikke så store
Skeiken Den ikke så store - پیش 8 روز
Freia cokolate IS TOTALY difrent frem normal cokolate.
Olive Pura
Olive Pura - پیش 8 روز
SHIITTTT this "Figuratively" made my mind Explode
Thereze Alexis Coyoca
Thereze Alexis Coyoca - پیش 8 روز
Just sprinkle a little *Ro* in that chocolate 2:29
Carlos Cruz
Carlos Cruz - پیش 8 روز
Matpat you have a lot of time
Loafchail Bloke
Loafchail Bloke - پیش 8 روز
miks_gold - پیش 8 روز
The begining of this video looks like a saw movie
WillDoesStuff - پیش 8 روز
someone did their OSHA homework
DinoBroof - پیش 9 روز
The song part in the beginning is a rip-off of the one from the honest trailer
Ian Blythe
Ian Blythe - پیش 9 روز
Oh my gosh.
crazy mike
crazy mike - پیش 9 روز
You just made my OSHA card very happy matpat. Lol... I am shocked you went that deep into it
C4ST0R - پیش 9 روز
Come with me, and you’ll be in a world of osha violations!
ronin ferris
ronin ferris - پیش 9 روز
I had to fine the child
RA Ewalt
RA Ewalt - پیش 9 روز
The modern version is better if you ask me. (My opinion people, my opinion)
Dylan - پیش 9 روز
wow wonka got destroyed
BenletAnd Olie
BenletAnd Olie - پیش 9 روز
miks_gold - پیش 9 روز
Saw 9: The Wonka.
SlimerCraft - پیش 9 روز
In 2016 *Robot Chicken* actually made a comedic video where Charlie is sent to the electric chair because he owns the factory
M's Videos and Gaming
M's Videos and Gaming - پیش 9 روز
Pause at 8:45 and read the bottom paragraph...
Coco Lopez
Coco Lopez - پیش 9 روز
I never understood that the movie was set in the United States. I got the impression it was in Europe. Which means osha would not apply.
THE 9DER - پیش 9 روز
Viewer: So who cares?
Matpat: Well, the one who should care is the business owners.