Phora - Open Letter [Official Music Video]

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L. Shawn
L. Shawn - پیش 5 روز
come on... airsofts??
Bailey Carter
Bailey Carter - پیش 7 روز
Sorry Phora I love your music but I don't fuck with this.
milkweed _
milkweed _ - پیش ماه
But my moms is the dope house
A Gastelum
A Gastelum - پیش ماه
*No, is a five thousand dollars suit I'm not going to get it all dirty on the ground*
Anjaana - پیش ماه
Like for Sezz
Dylan - پیش 2 ماه
phora 2020
Ana Martinez
Ana Martinez - پیش 2 ماه
714 anyone?
Raven_PlayzYT - پیش 2 ماه
I probably would have liked this when it came out but ive seen what trump has done for our country
damon watson
damon watson - پیش 2 ماه
Why they got my boy hopsin in this vid and he aint got a verse lol if hop would have dropped a verse that would have been dope
The_Punisher - پیش 2 ماه
Simultaneously showing rappers are idiots and Obama was evil? Interesting. More fuel for the Trump fire. Hope ya'll can last through his second term without shootin yourself. Lol.
No Disguise raps
No Disguise raps - پیش 4 ماه
This goes so hard....
Michael's life
Michael's life - پیش 5 ماه
Donald trump is sh*t
Sinner - پیش 5 ماه
Yessica Mejia
Yessica Mejia - پیش 6 ماه
Livia Alcazar
Livia Alcazar - پیش 6 ماه
Emory Langley
Emory Langley - پیش 6 ماه
2:52 WHERE DID OBAMA COME FROM? JESUS SO MANY UNEXPECTED PEOPLE! (I’m new to this guys music so I know none of his relationships with other rappers/people.
anthony144326 - پیش 6 ماه
Not trying to be trendy but this song is underrated because he came correct with the flow on this beat 💯
Don’t Mad
Don’t Mad - پیش 6 ماه
Hopsin needs to sign you 💯 #UP
Kyle Hummel
Kyle Hummel - پیش 8 ماه
Best music video ever
Thelma Suzanne Cx Moses
Thelma Suzanne Cx Moses - پیش 9 ماه
I remember playing this song so much. It gave me so much hype for some odd reason. Lol. When you're in the passenger seat hanging out the window. 😂
Aaron Reviews
Aaron Reviews - پیش 9 ماه
At the end of this instead of giving trump to obama you shoulda gave him to pablo escobar that would have been the HYPE!
Raym fivetwelve
Raym fivetwelve - پیش 10 ماه
fuck donald trump
Lacee Rendon Cisneros
Lacee Rendon Cisneros - پیش 10 ماه
2:19 omfg😂😂
Jezzy - پیش 10 ماه
Joselosdream - پیش 10 ماه
Julian Sanchez
Julian Sanchez - پیش 11 ماه
Trump 2020!!
Benjamin Lu
Benjamin Lu - پیش 11 ماه
Send these fools to Syria to fight the Islamic State. They wouldn't stand a chance.
David Rodriguez
David Rodriguez - پیش 11 ماه
Bro how does borracko Obama look a lot like borrocko Obama and Donald trump looks like Donald trump
Kevin Gomez
Kevin Gomez - پیش 11 ماه
Peep hopsin at 1:50
Brian Padua
Brian Padua - پیش 11 ماه
luda dolgoter
luda dolgoter - پیش سال
Y hopsin not rap tho!???
luda dolgoter
luda dolgoter - پیش سال
Wth 😂
Niv99 - پیش سال
Trump 2020 #MAGA
Hannah Gonzalez
Hannah Gonzalez - پیش سال
I need to go to yours truly records just the meet the yt gang
ExposeTheElites - پیش سال
A typical Time Warner music video, meant to stir up civil unrest. If you truly want to make a difference, it wont be by talking shit and making a music video trying to wind up the sheeple out there. You make real change by taking political action and using the millions you made from this record and giving it to a worthy cause or charity.
Diana Carolina
Diana Carolina - پیش سال
and people still ask why I love phora 😩🌹💞
Maya Alonso-Tailor
Maya Alonso-Tailor - پیش سال
Who ever tried been trump is funny
Kompa Ico
Kompa Ico - پیش سال
Fuck Phora he a bitch Hopsin coo tho
NOVA NEBULA - پیش سال
Such an underrated video
Megs S
Megs S - پیش سال
Went hard af. 😍❤️
Tania Bucio
Tania Bucio - پیش سال
been here since 2013
Pammy Ramos
Pammy Ramos - پیش سال
taking da Obama medical from the people
Dominic Duverne
Dominic Duverne - پیش سال
just noticed hopsin was in the video my two
favorite rappers
Jocelyne - پیش سال
1:09 , 3:24 - 3:54 😍👅fav part
lovethe king
lovethe king - پیش سال
ya kill Trump fuck him
MhissRandomx - پیش سال
Why is it so hard to find a guy like phora 😣
Jocelyne - پیش سال
3:42 😍😍😍😍😍love that part.
Jocelyne - پیش سال
2:59 when destiny shot him , ayeee . 🤘😂
Jocelyne - پیش سال
Didi lovesu
Didi lovesu - پیش سال
this shit made
Me laughhhhh 😭😭😂
Little huero clayton
Little huero clayton - پیش سال
nah homie im all for ur songs n shit but this is some wack shit cuz ur actin all tuff n like ur the shit but wen u got shot u were actin like a bitch n now u saying shit like ur an og but ur just a comercial gangster ur new act is makin u look like a bitch made poser for real homie u need to be speekin the truth instead of actin all hard cuz u gonna end up gettin shot again.U need to bring back that guy that spoke about life n the way he felt
SOB OFFICIAL - پیش سال
produced by stunnah beats....Q!!!!!!!!!
Jacøb Espinøza
Jacøb Espinøza - پیش سال
I think by far the best video he has!
Davidthemonkey1210 - پیش سال
fuck tramp
Ammar Hussain
Ammar Hussain - پیش سال
my nigga hopsin featured
Jenni Rivas
Jenni Rivas - پیش سال
Deeper than blood got deleted?
Illkid tv
Illkid tv - پیش سال
I just came for hopsin😁
YOMASHI 117 - پیش سال
has he made a song with hop if not u should that would be lit
YOMASHI 117 - پیش سال
yo hops in in it
Sandra Gallegos
Sandra Gallegos - پیش سال
Phora for president💞
Vanessa Oquendo
Vanessa Oquendo - پیش سال
joyner lucas fan guillen
joyner lucas fan guillen - پیش سال
phora kinda reminds me of Eminem
Jessica Scollay
Jessica Scollay - پیش سال
I would love to be in one of his videos😍😍
Matthew Lesa
Matthew Lesa - پیش سال
Was I the only one waiting hopelessly for Hopsin to spit some raw shit, right from the gecko I heard the beat and automatically that about that nigga Hopsin.
Alyssa Wilson
Alyssa Wilson - پیش سال
i do hate hopsin with a passion but this beat does go super hard through these beats....
Amber Thomas
Amber Thomas - پیش سال
Lmao I told my fam about this video and they started laughin
Rose TheGreatest
Rose TheGreatest - پیش سال
It's so cute u n destiny on top of that u n destiny assassinating wonald grump is awesome
Joe Delaney
Joe Delaney - پیش سال
i love the real shit you drop but some more aggressive shit like this once in a while is fire
Sean Schultz
Sean Schultz - پیش سال
Breh is that Hopsin?! yeee
AJ S - پیش سال
When the electoral college is messed up...
Matt Abenilla
Matt Abenilla - پیش سال
Phora for president ! 😹
Cristian Lombera
Cristian Lombera - پیش سال
aye rap with a nigga called gremlin
София - پیش سال
"Some people are scared to speak out because they fear what other people will say, or they fear the consequences, but the ones who stand up and speak out are the ones who truly can make history and change things around." Nicely said.
trvpxjaylen - پیش سال
whose this listening to this in 2k17
B Das
B Das - پیش سال
Only if this song was featuring hopsin 😍
Luffy Murdock
Luffy Murdock - پیش سال
Lost all respect for you.
maryjane valdovinos
maryjane valdovinos - پیش سال
More music please !!! YT ❣
PsychoJosh - پیش سال
As if the whiny anti-Trumpers have the balls to carry AKs. You bitches get PTSD from seeing people eat non-vegan peanut butter. Trump's side is the one with all the guns. Guess which side is gonna lose in a Civil War?
Lazarus Gossett
Lazarus Gossett - پیش سال
PsychoJosh Lmao exactly,
Alberto Ramirez
Alberto Ramirez - پیش سال
hospin is in this video!!!!
RaQuan Jones
RaQuan Jones - پیش سال
how I wished this happened
SerK Tags
SerK Tags - پیش 2 سال
How this not at a milli views yet?
rgo91284 - پیش 2 سال
The only real criminal in this video was Obama
timothy petrochilos
timothy petrochilos - پیش 2 سال
Josh DiBacco
Josh DiBacco - پیش 2 سال
Good shit Phora. Dope ass song with Hop in the video? Is this real?
Benjamin Cabrera
Benjamin Cabrera - پیش 2 سال
This shit garbage.
Zink Gaming
Zink Gaming - پیش 2 سال
I watched this around a year ago supporting Bernie and hating Donald Trump. Now I watch feeling stupid for how I felt then now seeing how I supported our President - Elect Donald Trump so much is the recent months. I love you Phora but I'm disappointed this song was ever made.
Brain Explosion TV
Brain Explosion TV - پیش 2 سال
TheSqueakyHydro exactly same here dude haha
Nexion - پیش 2 سال
lol fuckin hopsin everywhere haha
Logan Sewell
Logan Sewell - پیش 2 سال
Did you just kill TRUMP in your video😂 I love your music but bro wtf😂
Logan Sewell
Logan Sewell - پیش 2 سال
Did you just kill TRUMP in your video😂 I love your music but bro wtf😂
Lost Films
Lost Films - پیش 2 سال
Did i just see hopsin
CesyB head Head
CesyB head Head - پیش 2 سال
you are truly amazing artist hon one of the best underground rappers out there. Love you ur biggest fan. xoxo😂👍🌹💐🌸🌟🎤🌠❤❤💕💞💗💯🆒🎶🎶.YOURS TRULY MWAH😙😁
SerK Tags
SerK Tags - پیش 2 سال
Yo first time hearing this and it's FIRE, I got so exited when I saw hopsin in this like that's fuckin dope.
Phora & King Lil g Yours truly
Phora & King Lil g Yours truly - پیش 2 سال
Fuck trump he is fucking President that fuck gay ass nigga
Brain Explosion TV
Brain Explosion TV - پیش 2 سال
Phora & King Lil g Yours truly why do you hate him?
Robby Rob
Robby Rob - پیش 2 سال
feature hopsin in the music video but not in a verse?
Erik Zuniga
Erik Zuniga - پیش 2 سال
the song doesn't have anything to do with the video right? or is just me?
cause he just talks about calling out fake wannabe rappers
ninja ninja
ninja ninja - پیش 2 سال
he just had to win
Brain Explosion TV
Brain Explosion TV - پیش 2 سال
ironic ninja yup better crooked Hillary with those deleted emails and how she's the real racist
Alx Beats
Alx Beats - پیش 2 سال
Bradley Reece Palmer
Bradley Reece Palmer - پیش 2 سال
# fuck trump
Gus Gordon
Gus Gordon - پیش 2 سال
U white af why u saying that shit
Tessi - پیش 2 سال
half black half latino
RELTOE ric - پیش 2 سال
wow this goes hard fuck drake yourstuly is taking over 😂
Dont Worry About It
Dont Worry About It - پیش سال
Wtf dose drake gotta do with this guy?" L"