California Home Customized With Playgrounds For 24 Rescue Cats

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Rushna Begum
Rushna Begum - پیش 8 روز
I have the same addiction. It’s very hard to control. I feel u mate
Noah Lim
Noah Lim - پیش ماه
I do stupid homework while those cats are having the time of their life
1like=1homework page gone
robotpoko - پیش ماه
two words... cat hair
I do not have insoiration for a name
my friend has 32 street cats all rescue soooo come interview
Amelia stephenson
Amelia stephenson - پیش 2 ماه
I don't like cats but this man is amazing and kind hearted
I'm done
I'm done - پیش 3 ماه
They'll probably still play with the box it came in
momo da Kitten
momo da Kitten - پیش 3 ماه
Can I be one of the cats?
Cattoon Network
Cattoon Network - پیش 3 ماه
I would stay there and be slave for that 24 cats for my entire life
Savannah Garvelink
Savannah Garvelink - پیش 3 ماه
how much cat hair is everywhere.... .__.
Eva - پیش 3 ماه
That house is my dream home
shannara fryer
shannara fryer - پیش 3 ماه
I want to go visit that house
WindowsillKeepMeCompany - پیش 3 ماه
*this is what my retirement, meaning my entire house, is gonna look like*
Rukayat Okunola
Rukayat Okunola - پیش 3 ماه
Faris A.R
Faris A.R - پیش 3 ماه
That man was looking Soo thoug but LOVELY
LIyre - پیش 3 ماه
“So where do you see yourself in 40 years?”
Badrika Dzachwan Ramaditta
Badrika Dzachwan Ramaditta - پیش 3 ماه
Is it gona be smelly?
Some Guy
Some Guy - پیش 3 ماه
*me as a grown man*
Larco Sacred
Larco Sacred - پیش 3 ماه
Omg yes same, but a woman XD
Madison Grooters
Madison Grooters - پیش 3 ماه
There’s a kid at my high school and church that lives 4 mins away from me that had a giant custom pirate ship backyard. The ship is two story’s with a game room/bunkhouse inside of it and then the top of it has platforms to jump into the pool. Also there is a super fun and fast slide from a wall of rocks/cave looking thing. Besides the pool, they have a giant custom man made fishing pond with docks and everyrhing
dumpster - پیش 3 ماه
Truly a haven for cats and cat lovers alike
Sarah Wang
Sarah Wang - پیش 3 ماه
Kinda sounds like another video ovo
ASAP Mangos
ASAP Mangos - پیش 3 ماه
Toxoplasmosis! Also I love the house and my cat. I hope he can make tutorials
Cali Georgeson
Cali Georgeson - پیش 3 ماه
I love his FIP WARRIOR shirt
Aqua Marine
Aqua Marine - پیش 3 ماه
Don't get triggered but when the guy dies aw that would be a shame for the cats they love him, oof I cri
JustAMissile - پیش 3 ماه
I think it looks amazing, but I'm allergic to cats😂😥
Hel. la
Hel. la - پیش 3 ماه
I want a tour video
Bww Irving
Bww Irving - پیش 3 ماه
-You didn't show us the LITTER BOX'S- 🏄🙆😸 💩
Bww Irving
Bww Irving - پیش 3 ماه
💓 All 💓
Bww Irving
Bww Irving - پیش 3 ماه
LikeSpike 🎉 Mwuaaaah 💓 All Thanks Everyone For Joining 👏😘😍
Jungkookie Cookie
Jungkookie Cookie - پیش 3 ماه
Nuke - پیش 3 ماه
What kind of drugs do you sell to afford this?
Nuke - پیش 3 ماه
+Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap oh, I didn't watch the whole video nor did I listen lol.
Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap
Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap - پیش 3 ماه
In the part he meantion he is inspired by Bob Walker (i could be wrong) he said he is a builder
Natalia Henao
Natalia Henao - پیش 3 ماه
Once my mom steps in the house she will stop breathing😂
Elsie Viola Dupuis
Elsie Viola Dupuis - پیش 3 ماه
Just so ♥ warming 👌
Boongarry - پیش 3 ماه
My alleges are already acting up by looking at this...
J&M Productions
J&M Productions - پیش 3 ماه
Doggie houses!!!!!
Axsthetic Wayss
Axsthetic Wayss - پیش 3 ماه
Cat man.💀
BUGAY DEN - پیش 3 ماه
“I just got addicted to cats.” Happens to the best of us.
imaperfect apple pie12417
imaperfect apple pie12417 - پیش 3 ماه
Imagine the cat litter boxes
Supreme Scene
Supreme Scene - پیش 3 ماه
You gotta have dough if u wanna do this
Eithne Hagerty
Eithne Hagerty - پیش 3 ماه
Those are some weird looking dogs.....
Ibe Free
Ibe Free - پیش 3 ماه
those cats have one hot daddy. wooffffff
NuClearRaGe 58
NuClearRaGe 58 - پیش 3 ماه
I would climb too.
Alex Quintero
Alex Quintero - پیش 3 ماه
what about the birds and lizards they eat?
Lillian - پیش 3 ماه
Praveen Chintala
Praveen Chintala - پیش 3 ماه
Alaska - پیش 3 ماه
Who remembers when they had a video of this house years ago
low level otaku
low level otaku - پیش 3 ماه
Just had a weird question pop into my head.
Would a baby be able to move along the cat paths?
Terence McClain
Terence McClain - پیش 3 ماه
I bet it stinks in there 🤢
Sad Potato
Sad Potato - پیش 3 ماه
Why would it
Jefferson Juno
Jefferson Juno - پیش 3 ماه
Looks nice
Ben Dares All
Ben Dares All - پیش 3 ماه
This was featured elsewhere before but not with FIP sickness thing so really cool that it's really featured again. Glad the guy has funds for all the cats!
The producer got mauled! Hehe
agizzy23 - پیش 3 ماه
Can I rent a room there and just live there?