5 Camping Gadgets put to the Test - Part 7

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Justin Madrigal
Justin Madrigal - پیش روز
Martin Panks
Martin Panks - پیش 5 روز
Is that for 100g of gas or 100g of gas and container conbined weight.. if it's for 100g gas and container combined then your OK but if it's 100g gas only then how does it know the weight of the container??..
Summa Moore
Summa Moore - پیش 5 روز
Craig Pierpoint
Craig Pierpoint - پیش 5 روز
Those foldable pots are Great!
Kivindu Perera
Kivindu Perera - پیش 9 روز
so now i can put my sacks
Barbie Morris
Barbie Morris - پیش 12 روز
My fav was the portable pots! So cool. I wonder if it would work with a wood camp fire. 🤔
Barbie Morris
Barbie Morris - پیش 11 روز
The waterproof lighter was pretty cool too.
Ahmad Faris
Ahmad Faris - پیش 13 روز
It's all fun and games until this guy revealed that he works for KGB special agent programs.
Delta dawn Green
Delta dawn Green - پیش 15 روز
Is that your Creek ? awesome!!
aj gamer
aj gamer - پیش ماه
Hayley Davis
Hayley Davis - پیش ماه
Could you test the solar powered camping shower please 🙂😀
Robert Anderson 3rd
Robert Anderson 3rd - پیش ماه
The gas meter.
Fortnite_melon12 - پیش ماه
89% my battery life
Sam G
Sam G - پیش ماه
that lil knife doe I need it
Aiden - پیش ماه
NoOb MaStEr
NoOb MaStEr - پیش ماه
5:23 brother u missed that the grey stuff is duct tape lol3👌👌👌👌
jayden thompson
jayden thompson - پیش ماه
6:09 a bgabag 😂😂
angryd0nnat - پیش ماه
the 2nd lighter had duct tape around it, you missed that part
Mauritz17 - پیش ماه
Lighter flash element the Name is "Piezo"
Ayla Stinks
Ayla Stinks - پیش ماه
He is slowly preparing for war and the worlds end
Johnny B. Goode
Johnny B. Goode - پیش ماه
im gonna laugh when he sets his cameras on fire, showing us what the fire looks like.
The Nerd
The Nerd - پیش ماه
Where can I find that tiny knife on the internet????
Rich Boisvert
Rich Boisvert - پیش ماه
I love this guy, he’s awesome. Keep up the great videos.
K0rn_Mc YT
K0rn_Mc YT - پیش ماه
I am going camping soon so this might be good for me
GroovyCachinDude - پیش ماه
Like the folding pot and adventure mat. Checking Amazon now.
Mae Alkuino-Espaldon
Mae Alkuino-Espaldon - پیش ماه
I like the pot
Phillip Tenorio
Phillip Tenorio - پیش ماه
All the “gadjiks”. You’re the best ever! Stay doing what you’re doing!!!
Stevanus Wijaya
Stevanus Wijaya - پیش ماه
Subtitle please
Lan F
Lan F - پیش ماه
What do you light underwater
Gabriel Ricafort
Gabriel Ricafort - پیش ماه
well guess what
Jessica Colon
Jessica Colon - پیش ماه
A mini ligth ligter find of a ligth saber
Simon Derricksion Fitzcarlado
Hey Crazy Russian Hacker.I Do Love Your Videos.Always Be My Guide To Buy A New Product That I Haven't Buy Before.I Hope I'll Go To Russian By The End Of This Year.I'll Gonna Go To Krasnoyarsk And Tomsk.Hope I'll See You There.
Samuel Stolarik
Samuel Stolarik - پیش ماه
is the bear bowl really worth it?
Joker J
Joker J - پیش ماه
pls do more survival video
Briana Ezell
Briana Ezell - پیش ماه
Love ur videos
J Russell
J Russell - پیش ماه
I think he forgot to show that the waterproof lighter had duct tape all around the outside of the canister. The package even said utility tape.
H Strike
H Strike - پیش ماه
Oh my gush
Markus Rytkönen
Markus Rytkönen - پیش ماه
Can you make a video where you only speak russia? Just for fun
Claw Man
Claw Man - پیش ماه
The three jet lighter had tap
Claw Man
Claw Man - پیش ماه
The torch had tap
kevensirishcrowly - پیش ماه
I love the portable dab torch
Kingkillerua247 1
Kingkillerua247 1 - پیش ماه
Where’s the pashtet
Ty - پیش ماه
Boom boom wow boom wow boom wow boom wow boom wow wow wow boom wow boom boom boom. 💁🏻‍♂️ why cuz boom wow boom wow wow boom wow boom boom 💥 💥 wow boom boom wow
William Brown
William Brown - پیش ماه
Always with the shaky hands
Kenneth Young
Kenneth Young - پیش ماه
The folding camping pots where can we get them?
Uncle Osama
Uncle Osama - پیش ماه
A jetboil flash is my favorite piece of camping gear, it was 70 dollars and I have been using the same I've for probably 4 years now
Dead Meme
Dead Meme - پیش ماه
That foldable camping pot really seems nice... Probably one of the few usefull kickstarters.
Dimitri J
Dimitri J - پیش ماه
Confirmed: crazyrussianhacker has feet
Shane Da gamer
Shane Da gamer - پیش ماه
5:23 "oh my gush" lol
zindi1138 - پیش ماه
liked the portable pot..
Adrian Nowak
Adrian Nowak - پیش ماه
Shtormproof torch
Zakillz - پیش ماه
Oh my guushh
Toby Dook
Toby Dook - پیش ماه
Oh well disappointment
Can we get 5000 subscribers with no videos?
Equine Barn Engineer
Equine Barn Engineer - پیش ماه
I met the Crazy Russian Hacker last night @ The Cosmopolitan, what a great guy!! Thanks for being so cool and letting me get a photo!!
Captain Morgan
Captain Morgan - پیش ماه
Oh my gush
Captain Morgan
Captain Morgan - پیش ماه
Sierra Meow
Sierra Meow - پیش ماه
your hand is shaking so much
Pseudo Nym
Pseudo Nym - پیش ماه
Folding camping pot
Rahul Wadhawan
Rahul Wadhawan - پیش ماه
Your hands SHAKE a Lot!
Gurpal Singh
Gurpal Singh - پیش ماه
Best video
SvenQ45 - پیش ماه
A handbag as cooking container? 😁
Angelo michael
Angelo michael - پیش ماه
CRH, something new please
Cenan Metti
Cenan Metti - پیش ماه
Boom boom boom
NoNaim23 TV
NoNaim23 TV - پیش ماه
i would give you a thumbs up anyway. But i would say its "Thumbs up for this Gadet"
Jalen McKenzie
Jalen McKenzie - پیش ماه
Where did you get the knife?
Boteq Boteq
Boteq Boteq - پیش ماه
Александр Шостак
Заебал уже БУМКАТь террорист херов.... Если меня уже подташнивает после десятого видео, не знаю даже что там с америкосами происходит.
surgeonplus - پیش ماه
You can measure the amount of fuel in a jetboil can by putting it in water and seeing where the water rises to
Jack Angel
Jack Angel - پیش ماه
RocketBunny Gaming
RocketBunny Gaming - پیش ماه
Only OGs will remember 'machedar'
Afiq Syukri Amrin
Afiq Syukri Amrin - پیش ماه
Taras in heaven : we can give you anything .
Taras :I want mre
Heaven: ok
Taras: taste like Russia
AthleticST - پیش ماه
“Oh my goosh” CrazyRussianHacker-2018
Ronald Pevahouse
Ronald Pevahouse - پیش ماه
hi comrade
Lance Simons
Lance Simons - پیش ماه
All of them 🐒
GammaWave - پیش ماه
Mirko Krizmanić
Mirko Krizmanić - پیش ماه
Crazy Russian camping gajix
Nикита Nевский
Nикита Nевский - پیش ماه
Когда у тебя появилось ДЕСЯТЬ ЛЯМОВ ПОДПИСЧИКОВ?
ArcticXII - پیش ماه
You missed something, the second waterproof lighter had duck tape around it to use aswell.
Hugo Miranda
Hugo Miranda - پیش ماه
4:02 what is putain? XD
Elvis Freitas
Elvis Freitas - پیش ماه
Monty Python the Flying Circus
0:51 or as we say HALF FULL
Yoshua Hernandez
Yoshua Hernandez - پیش ماه
Tara’s should make a flex tape or flex seal video
Andreas Breithof
Andreas Breithof - پیش ماه
it shows 89 but you said 98
Hoclere - پیش ماه
Can you put to the test hydro mousse
rahul jangir
rahul jangir - پیش ماه
4:19 Very dhueble knife
rahul jangir
rahul jangir - پیش ماه
4:05Tiny gajik😂
Nirbhav Dhanania
Nirbhav Dhanania - پیش ماه
How much gaaas? 0:29
Dajuana Gray
Dajuana Gray - پیش ماه
None are my favorite I just like hearing you talk...love your accent!
Nata Aasha
Nata Aasha - پیش ماه
I watched his each video nice work but what does he says in the start before saftey priority line please someone tell me ?
Aryan is here
Aryan is here - پیش ماه
The WickedOtaku
The WickedOtaku - پیش ماه
Make the vid faster to make him fluent in english
Storm Aero
Storm Aero - پیش ماه
5:23 oh my gush
David DeSalme
David DeSalme - پیش ماه
Be sure to let the mat dry off first or it could mildew. Awesome stuff! Love your videos!!
James Taylor
James Taylor - پیش ماه
Pretty sure that triple torch lighter was also wrapped in tape
king ron
king ron - پیش ماه
Pierto Perugino
Pierto Perugino - پیش ماه
Who wants gagicks
Noah DaBest
Noah DaBest - پیش ماه
Try making a rocket stove
Noah DaBest
Noah DaBest - پیش ماه
Prico Bo Peep
Prico Bo Peep - پیش ماه
You look like Giorgi Tevzada
Donny C
Donny C - پیش ماه
Gajik's..... Boom...