How This Rescue Dog Learned To Ice-Skate

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MsCakepants Art
MsCakepants Art - پیش 3 روز
Dis doggo needs to go to Canada!
Katla Katrin
Katla Katrin - پیش 5 روز
Isn't it dangerous if he falls and cuts himself with the skates? And shouldn't he wear boots on his back legs? Not skates just normal boots.
Molly Malone
Molly Malone - پیش 18 روز
That's dumb.
Marek Zreda
Marek Zreda - پیش 25 روز
dog abuse
RAAA - پیش 27 روز
why not put the skates on all four legs??
Naomi Neddow
Naomi Neddow - پیش 28 روز
This is so cute😍😍😍but he looks a bit hungry
Noob Master
Noob Master - پیش 29 روز
😶 when u learnt that a dog knows better things than u and anything is possible but u dont want to do so
A Doggo
A Doggo - پیش 29 روز
This doggo has wayy higher IQ than me.
Jay - پیش 29 روز
If I would put those blades on my dog I would end up as a grizzled corpse in minutes...
HERO_DREAMER - پیش 29 روز
What about it’s back paws...?
Cermet Needs Water
Cermet Needs Water - پیش 29 روز
When even a dog can skate and you can’t
CubedFenix - پیش 29 روز
What's up with the "raspberries" in the background?
Funsworth - پیش ماه
Don't his feet get cold?
SiNKarnage - پیش ماه
The new Air Bud movie looks nostalgic
Do you know BTS?
Do you know BTS? - پیش ماه
I can even stand to stay at cold places
Jenson Nguyen
Jenson Nguyen - پیش ماه
Eeve YT
Eeve YT - پیش ماه
Desiree2401 - پیش ماه
Why can you see the dogs ribs and spine? Not normal but Im not insinuating anything
Sumayyah Azhar
Sumayyah Azhar - پیش ماه
wow, even i don't know how to ice skate...
Brandon Lee
Brandon Lee - پیش ماه
*When you don't even know how to swim*
Lightray Heart
Lightray Heart - پیش ماه
When a dog can ice skate better than you😐
Christina _davon
Christina _davon - پیش ماه
I would just not what the dog to jump up to give kisses with those on
Flower Shibe
Flower Shibe - پیش ماه
*When a dog can ice skate better than you*
MisoSoup - پیش ماه
Doggo on Ice
(starring Barksuki Yuri and Victor Nikiforarf)
andrewroxs - پیش ماه
0:42 and then you get cut by the skates
Im just Average
Im just Average - پیش ماه
*A dog has more ice skating experience then me*
Nxme less
Nxme less - پیش ماه
He's a good boy.
DHL Studio
DHL Studio - پیش ماه
*This dog is probably smarter and more in shape than 30 of me combined.*
David Monrouzeau
David Monrouzeau - پیش ماه
WorDSearcH - پیش ماه
Dog Olympics.....
Oh wait dont we have something like that??? Like those dog shows
Chaiyaphan - پیش ماه
First a dog that makes coffee now THIS
Weber 5
Weber 5 - پیش ماه
Predator fans where u at (hockey)
Alex Castro
Alex Castro - پیش ماه
Canada: Hmmmmm...
Me: Canada, what are you thinking?
Canada: *grins*
Me: Oh. Oooooo.
The Fancy Kawaii Potato
The Fancy Kawaii Potato - پیش ماه
That doggo can Ice skate better than me
Danielle Capichano
Danielle Capichano - پیش ماه
He needs a shin guard for the front of his legs!
Devyn Garcia
Devyn Garcia - پیش ماه
Wow! This is me but I’m in figure skating not hockey:)
acababie MSP
acababie MSP - پیش ماه
Wouldn’t it’s back paws get cold? 😭☹️
famitha Parvese
famitha Parvese - پیش ماه
He skates better than me
blue Spear4231
blue Spear4231 - پیش ماه
Me: **Falls flat on my face**
Kaitlyn B
Kaitlyn B - پیش ماه
Can you guys please do a video on Studio C. They are a HILARIOUS comedy group 😆😆😆
Seriously... you need to do a video on them
Crystal Lacy
Crystal Lacy - پیش ماه
if a dog can learn how to skate, then so can I
✿claire - پیش ماه
Wtf am i doing with my life...?
Desirae's Animations
Desirae's Animations - پیش ماه
When you realize that a dog can skate better than you 😂
Slime and More With Camila
Slime and More With Camila - پیش ماه
That is so cute and cool
Big Steve
Big Steve - پیش ماه
That dog is a better ice skater than me
Ava's funart A.K.A artgirl 22
❤❤❤ so cute ❤❤❤
Dogpatch - پیش ماه
Oh my god, I used to live in Vegas when I was younger and played hockey there. (This was 2010-2012 before the Golden knights were around) I just got brought back with seeing that tower in the corner and the bar above the ice. Damn
Trippie Katt
Trippie Katt - پیش ماه
It’s sad that I’m 12 and can’t even roller skate yet imagine ice skating hell nah
Tocaste - پیش ماه
Don't you have it in gym glass?
*Mina _ Katz*
*Mina _ Katz* - پیش ماه
This dog can ice skate better than me.
lyba xoxo
lyba xoxo - پیش ماه
For every like I'll add a ♡
lyba xoxo
lyba xoxo - پیش 28 روز
Thanks for liking
*Patrick Star*
*Patrick Star* - پیش ماه
Ici boi
Taikamuna - پیش ماه
That doggo is a good boi
Pedro Lopez
Pedro Lopez - پیش ماه
He is just walking with a pair of tiny skates in the front, that's not skating.
Mantana Jansi
Mantana Jansi - پیش ماه
Is that good baby cold?
shell company
shell company - پیش ماه
And my dog eats out of the trash
x.nooodle.x - پیش ماه
We were, born to bork history!
Kanika chaudhary
Kanika chaudhary - پیش ماه
When a dog can better ice skate than you 😂😂
cloudyy - پیش ماه
Kanika chaudhary I can't even ice skate lol
spicyonion - پیش ماه
Makes sense,dogs are also being able to develop better brains while they are with us,soon we'll have dogs using Planes!
klutz395 - پیش ماه
I'm a simple man. I see dog. I click
mebeingaginger - پیش ماه
That's really not good for his body... Please check in with a vet before you do something like that
Jefferson Juno
Jefferson Juno - پیش ماه
Doggo now can be like air bud
greenshards742 - پیش ماه
Don't give them ideas
Lia -san
Lia -san - پیش ماه
I can't even skate for my life
Omar Shabib FPV
Omar Shabib FPV - پیش ماه
He’s one of the best bois out there
Cry Whit
Cry Whit - پیش ماه
? Seems to me Benny was getting along just fine on the ice without the skates...🤷
Carole-Anne Girard
Carole-Anne Girard - پیش ماه
Cry Whit IKR!
Leena Husa
Leena Husa - پیش ماه
Why only on the front paws?
I LikePotatos
I LikePotatos - پیش 5 روز
+Tinaay Perhaps, but dogs paws are designed in a way so that getting frostbite is rare
Tinaay - پیش 5 روز
+I LikePotatos but wont his paws get cold? They should atleast put something on them to keep them warmer
I LikePotatos
I LikePotatos - پیش ماه
Would be too hard to have them on all four legs. He would fall over
Ashley Kemp
Ashley Kemp - پیش ماه
My exact thoughts
Bana Potato
Bana Potato - پیش ماه
And here I am looking like a newborn giraffe trying to walk on a tight rope...
Asha Talim
Asha Talim - پیش ماه
GO KNIGHTS GO!!!! They are my fav team since I live in Vegas
Playliszt Man
Playliszt Man - پیش ماه
Even a dog is more talented than I am.
Maddy. The local
Maddy. The local - پیش ماه
Abigail Farrow
Abigail Farrow - پیش ماه
Ellie Ohkawa
Ellie Ohkawa - پیش ماه
This dog knows more about skating than me I take skating lessons 🤨
Pyro Is A Nazi
Pyro Is A Nazi - پیش ماه
Cray Cray Gaming
Cray Cray Gaming - پیش ماه
He skates better than me
Pupper Dogs
Pupper Dogs - پیش ماه
I can't even ice skate 😂🐶❤️⛸
jokha said
jokha said - پیش ماه
And I can't even use a hoverboard
Shelley Greenfield
Shelley Greenfield - پیش ماه
That’s so sweet how amazing bless the dog
Phosnerd - پیش ماه
ill wait for dog ice hockey now
Avery Lopez-Baines
Avery Lopez-Baines - پیش ماه
Won't be surprised if he started winning Olympic medals
Science Gaming
Science Gaming - پیش ماه
1080 viewer
TINY DOG - پیش ماه
I’m glad his tail is wagging happily
*Corgi Nation*
*Corgi Nation* - پیش ماه
*Corgi Nation*
*Corgi Nation* - پیش ماه
When a dog skates better than you can run
atantanyh0104 - پیش ماه
Leafy - پیش ماه
what a brave animal, even I if I tried the game, I would mostly fell off and break my skull.
My Name Is Rosé
My Name Is Rosé - پیش ماه
Funny videos
Funny videos - پیش ماه
Smart dog, very cute, I like it very much.
Cbizz Gaming
Cbizz Gaming - پیش ماه

President was george washington
Molly Junior
Molly Junior - پیش ماه
J Phone he only has 3 subs so not the real Justin y
that smart arse Granger
that smart arse Granger - پیش ماه
Faker than laura lee's apology video
sulojana s
sulojana s - پیش ماه
Bana Potato
Bana Potato - پیش ماه
J Phone Justin doesn’t reply to comments :)
J Phone
J Phone - پیش ماه
If ur real then why the f do we watch the same stuff
HowToFun - پیش ماه
wow lovely crafty ideas! who else watches Insider every day?? 😍😍
Guys, I'm waiting you on my DIY channel! ❤
Daphne YT
Daphne YT - پیش ماه
Just stop 🛑
Miamations Gacha
Miamations Gacha - پیش ماه
Yes, this DEEEEFINITELY a crafts video. Btw stop self promoting on others’ channels.
Jim Green
Jim Green - پیش ماه
This is really cool
K. KFlana
K. KFlana - پیش ماه
I watched a cute news segment about Benny on the news the other day... AWESOME! Cheryl, you're an Angel! :) TY for saving and loving this amazing pooch. Benny is one graceful ice skater... I usually just skate across the ice either on my buttcheeks or flat on my back. :)
Albee Aletha
Albee Aletha - پیش ماه
This dog is better than me...
Shampoo - پیش ماه
The doggon is a sport master :O
Mighty Eagle Baba
Mighty Eagle Baba - پیش ماه
Well a dog is more famous than me 😿
Rich De Vera
Rich De Vera - پیش ماه
*This doggo could be a president*

Edit: Omg thx for all the likes! :3
Rich De Vera
Rich De Vera - پیش ماه
Sebastian Santos ikr
Sebastian Santos
Sebastian Santos - پیش ماه
doggo trump :)
Rich De Vera
Rich De Vera - پیش ماه
Opportunity Dog lovers wouldnt
Leafy - پیش ماه
Rich De Vera but the government would always refuses that.
Neon Galaxy Gamer
Neon Galaxy Gamer - پیش ماه
Hm thats cute 😁😊❤
Shadow_ Of_The_World
Shadow_ Of_The_World - پیش ماه
행초 - پیش ماه
It's a dog's cute show at the ice rink. I enjoyed it.
Storm The Cat
Storm The Cat - پیش ماه
So cute!
Thea Sofie Jonsson
Thea Sofie Jonsson - پیش ماه
Now this is what I call a good boy!
Pets YTC
Pets YTC - پیش ماه
I love the way he skate so amazing👍👍👍
Aishwarya Mudgal
Aishwarya Mudgal - پیش ماه
he seems smarter than me
BF TE - پیش ماه
+Mighty Eagle Baba words are a reflection of your true self 🙏
Neon Galaxy Gamer
Neon Galaxy Gamer - پیش ماه
Ey i saw u on 5 min craft...
Mighty Eagle Baba
Mighty Eagle Baba - پیش ماه
I have to agree dogs are smarter than girls