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Harry Main
Harry Main - پیش ماه
Sickest ride? Next learn?
Leanne Holwell
Leanne Holwell - پیش 25 روز
Harry have u ever done a decade
dilettante viewer
dilettante viewer - پیش 28 روز
Please get a 24 inch wheel dirt jumper
Melleni Lunn
Melleni Lunn - پیش ماه
360 toboggan to barspin or 360 whip to down whip
AJ Webb
AJ Webb - پیش ماه
yo, nac nac to tailwhip would be sick
xl pingu lx
xl pingu lx - پیش ماه
Superman seat grab indian air
Scott MckenZie
Scott MckenZie - پیش 16 ساعت
Great video Harry love your bmx videos there so sick mate
Zach Pearce
Zach Pearce - پیش 9 روز
yoooo harry
Vincent Emmanuel Villanueva
Vincent Emmanuel Villanueva - پیش 19 روز
That bike is a beast + you a monster rider
Claudia Carabas
Claudia Carabas - پیش 21 روز
Love it🕷️🕷️🕷️
Purpleplus 56
Purpleplus 56 - پیش 24 روز
Just realised, I’ve had my madmain for a year now
Paul K
Paul K - پیش 24 روز
impressive for an old man :)
Nathan Gardner
Nathan Gardner - پیش 26 روز
Absolutely loving it 👌🏻
Fellomello - پیش 26 روز
Oh shit I go boneyard on like a Friday night cos it’s quiet I’ve started to learn bmx
pissdrunkss321 - پیش 29 روز
ur doin better m8 spiritually
Chris Taft
Chris Taft - پیش 29 روز
Positive comment on the complaints forum - would love to see you over here in the US, it’s been awhile since you’ve done a video over here... Keep up the solid riding!
Michael Legros
Michael Legros - پیش 29 روز
Keep up the riding dude! Would love to see you shred another bangers video of your biggest tricks!!🤙
CLC Bmx - پیش ماه
RavenShield78 - پیش ماه
You have a very captivating, fun personality. Really great channel!
I nearly choked and spit spinach all over form that "complaints field" comment at the end. A lot of Forced laughter form some of the stuff you say.
G G - پیش ماه
mathias Mobech-Hanssen
mathias Mobech-Hanssen - پیش ماه
i challenge u to relearn 720 cancan landers then
Shane Williamson
Shane Williamson - پیش ماه
gary wright
gary wright - پیش ماه
360 whip
Philip McIntosh
Philip McIntosh - پیش ماه
That 720 was insane, nearly blew beer out of my nose..
Craig Monty
Craig Monty - پیش ماه
This was like the Harry Main of old. Great vid!
AJ Webb
AJ Webb - پیش ماه
yo, nac nac to tailwhip would be sick
Joeel Bright
Joeel Bright - پیش ماه
Friday night dinner is the bomb!
snougi čarovný
snougi čarovný - پیش ماه
360 bar to oppo bar :!
Hunter Hale
Hunter Hale - پیش ماه
So I thought you were only going to edit on the stationary bike?? the hell man
Dannii Marsh
Dannii Marsh - پیش ماه
get on the editing bike, SLACKING LAD!
Harvey Bagley
Harvey Bagley - پیش ماه
Friday night dinner ftw lad
Dag-Andre' Osmundsen
Dag-Andre' Osmundsen - پیش ماه
Matthew Brough
Matthew Brough - پیش ماه
I wanna see you go big or go home an do a 1080 over the box
Simon Mather
Simon Mather - پیش ماه
Lets see some triple whips and double flairs Na bother to u lad
Chris O
Chris O - پیش ماه
Pretty clear Gaz needs you to mentor him/bust his arse Scotty Cranmer style. The question is can you turn him pro within a year?
Tristin Else
Tristin Else - پیش ماه
Nice one Gazzzz !!
Tristin Else
Tristin Else - پیش ماه
Love this shit bro
MotoManSam - پیش ماه
You disappoint me Harry, you didn't edit on the exercise bike hahahaha.
Paul Stripe
Paul Stripe - پیش ماه
Get a different camera man
Batuhan Aslantaş
Batuhan Aslantaş - پیش ماه
Best Riiider 😎
LS.MetalWorks - پیش ماه
Iv gotten back into bmx after 5 years and started riding properly for about 3 months. Progress is slow n steady but I can do things iv never done before all thanks to watching your videos again. Cheers Harry.
TUTco - پیش ماه
Ay man shout out YOU for making the videos gang gang
Josh Reichert
Josh Reichert - پیش ماه
Hi bro just wondering if you have a spare bmx bike I could have and also your my biggest insperation
John Bacchiocchi
John Bacchiocchi - پیش ماه
Nac nac looks mint!...time to do it on the mtb🙌🏻🔥🔥...glad to see your lovin life, that’s what it’s all about✊🏻✊🏻
Cairan Nicholls
Cairan Nicholls - پیش ماه
You should do a game of bike with gaz at the crainyard and new learn for u is 540 bar tap to whip in if it’s possible keep it up mr main
Ricardo Liddle
Ricardo Liddle - پیش ماه
Cheers for listening about the whole 'ask me again' bro most wouldnt
TayTay plays
TayTay plays - پیش ماه
So sick really can't believe beast ramps has closed that's the closest park to me!! Anyone recommend any good parks in Manchester??
Gbanger - پیش ماه
Love the bmx park content......... keep it coming. 👍🏻
Rit Che
Rit Che - پیش ماه
It does feel like your back bro, re-subbed now your midlife crises is over. ;)
michael wilde
michael wilde - پیش ماه
more of this mate please, BMX is where you naturally belong
matthew james
matthew james - پیش ماه
harry i know u wont see this but iv been hanging for u to chuck down a flip whip :) would make my bday!! :P keep up the killer riding mate
makesone215 215
makesone215 215 - پیش ماه
Shreds all day!!! BMX content all day everyday
hopphoo - پیش ماه
360 down the step up was sick!
N0B0DY - پیش ماه
Jo could you make a vid were you list every part of your bike and your riding gear like wat you use for pats and why etc.
Sam Mccurtayne
Sam Mccurtayne - پیش ماه
So pumped on the bad vids again we missed you
Black Tea One Sugar
Black Tea One Sugar - پیش ماه
Sick to see you trying new stuff. Yes Gaz 👊
Pip Ito
Pip Ito - پیش ماه
Gaz you killing it lad, get on the bike some more👍🏽
Pip Ito
Pip Ito - پیش ماه
It’s great you riding bmx again man! You seem at peace when you in the air!
1080cc blanch
1080cc blanch - پیش ماه
Its sick having the old Harry back. Positivity breeds positivity.
Jonnie Jay
Jonnie Jay - پیش ماه
Yes 👌🏻 love the bmx stuff I just started ridding agin too👌🏻👌🏻
OBC - پیش ماه
Lets see a 360 nac!!!! awesome
Andy Shipley
Andy Shipley - پیش ماه
I’ve got a massive idea for you but I’m not going to put it on here what’s your intsagram and I’ll dm you it on there
Dixie Normus
Dixie Normus - پیش ماه
the channels cranking again :)
Richard Tucker
Richard Tucker - پیش ماه
Get back on the YT mate
cyrus alde
cyrus alde - پیش ماه
hi!! main!!
cody6780dp - پیش ماه
Excited to see ya nailing some 720s. Need some 3 whips and some double flares
Charlie7 - پیش ماه
Diy videos/vlogs are much better
Ste Bam
Ste Bam - پیش ماه
Gaz is a good lad.
Putrifying Eagor
Putrifying Eagor - پیش ماه
This was an incredible video, I love watching these, I have never ridden BMX - so it’s all the more fascinating to me how the hell you do some of that stuff, I think the flares are the most mind boggling thing. It was great to see Gaz riding too!
beSoloGuy - پیش ماه
happy that your happy!
but please build a diy spot next too your spine n quarters
daniel stone
daniel stone - پیش ماه
Flair ET
GrizzlyAaron - پیش ماه
No handed no footed can! Make it happen!
joel arseneault
joel arseneault - پیش ماه
Awesome video ... I'm digging the vibes.
Ben Budd
Ben Budd - پیش ماه
Good stuff man, really enjoying the videos lately, the vibe feels really positive and you are just having fun riding your bike, and that's what it's all about!
Michael Clow
Michael Clow - پیش ماه
GreaT to seee yu back maTe***
baluga94 - پیش ماه
sick et360, jibing!
Kyle Gill
Kyle Gill - پیش ماه
nice Harry 😉🤘
Swamp Valley
Swamp Valley - پیش ماه
Great video, how about a nothing over the box? 👍👍👍
Lucas Kerper
Lucas Kerper - پیش ماه
regarding the video footage; you guys might have to start bringing in your own lights... just an idea.
i like that "gap to wall-splat!". very good work on the knack-knacks! that 720 at 6:48 was amazing!!
Lucas Kerper
Lucas Kerper - پیش ماه
i'm only saying that about bringing in your own lighting, because your skills are so very good. but most of the footage was good enough without custom lighting. just a thought to take your footage to like the next level. cheers!
jackyline vargas
jackyline vargas - پیش ماه
love you
Jonny Snakes
Jonny Snakes - پیش ماه
Dont thinl ive seen a fronty from u so that would be cool
skaterrr 15
skaterrr 15 - پیش ماه
Asylum skatepark
Carlos Chavez
Carlos Chavez - پیش ماه
Do a flair can can lander
Steez Bmx
Steez Bmx - پیش ماه
just loving the positivity ,awesome stuff keep it up
sykotikangel - پیش ماه
YESSSS the "complaints field" been a while since it was said .......
Tom Smith
Tom Smith - پیش ماه
Tomass Sans
Tomass Sans - پیش ماه
Compete again, you won’t... 😉🤨
Jeison Aguilar
Jeison Aguilar - پیش ماه
Goog to see you riding again... Keep doing it
Jay Woods
Jay Woods - پیش ماه
Would you do any competition because you are amazing at tricks and control on the bike
Sean Edwards
Sean Edwards - پیش ماه
Loving the riding videos,
I remember when I first seen you ride in person it was sick. I never came over to you, you was there to ride not be bothered.
Shout out Phoenix skate park Runcorn
Jon Seymour
Jon Seymour - پیش ماه
Fakie front flair fakie bar out ✌️🤘
Dan Rogiee
Dan Rogiee - پیش ماه
Gaz’s got a smokers cough
Soulless Slug
Soulless Slug - پیش ماه
Wtf was that speed at 3:21
robin deamer
robin deamer - پیش ماه
Sick video lad when you going to get the 140 out again?
405 LowLife
405 LowLife - پیش ماه
Yes Lad, seeing you getting back into BMX you can just see the joy it brings. Good to see you getting back into it.
Morph jimmy Gaming
Morph jimmy Gaming - پیش ماه
Can we have phill back as the camera man pls
Bj Broderson
Bj Broderson - پیش ماه
Your welcome man and what’s up from Alaska.......and just saying would love to see u do a game of bike on the Scotty C. Chanel that would be sick
Alexandre Fourreau
Alexandre Fourreau - پیش ماه
No new trick on this video
consistency man
consistency man - پیش ماه
I can't handle the comments section, WAY too many arse lickers its cringey fanboy sheep shit and gay af
A Google User
A Google User - پیش ماه
Have you seen your eye.. that Gay eye!
Mojavejonbc - پیش ماه
Nice session man, seems like ages since you've done bmx content, nice seeing the frenchies too, cheers man, just over in London visiting family, on holiday from Canada, cheers man
Matt Sankey
Matt Sankey - پیش ماه
Quality 👌🏻
Alex Thepalex
Alex Thepalex - پیش ماه
Keep this level going man, it is natural and good to see. Tricks? Here are some I would like to see you do -
Front flair
Hop tuck no hander drop in
Toothpick to fakie
180 disaster to 360
If you try these I will suggest more.
xXForzaKidXx - پیش ماه
360 T-Pose bitch
lee kirk
lee kirk - پیش ماه
Bring back skeggs man gaz is poo
A Google User
A Google User - پیش ماه
Nah it's Phil;p
lee kirk
lee kirk - پیش ماه
Wait is this gaz lol
A Google User
A Google User - پیش ماه
I prefer Gaz:-)