Kids Try Pizza Battle! New York Thin Crust vs. Chicago Deep Dish | Kids Try | HiHo Kids

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INFIRES?!?!? - پیش ساعت
I'm a teenager and Pokemon will forever live in my heart.
guitarisdeathofme - پیش 3 ساعت
Thanks to this video I found out I can block channels on YouTube 😂😊
silver - پیش 3 ساعت
Chicago, you are disgusting
Even your pizza looks like a sad tomato cake
guitarisdeathofme - پیش 3 ساعت
“Hey little kids what do you like better plain pepperoni pizza or a burnt pizza with a bunch of vegetables in it?”
Santino Scano
Santino Scano - پیش 3 ساعت
The black kid is hilarious

Sorry if my description offended u
homie plastic cups
homie plastic cups - پیش 7 ساعت
"Nobody likes crust"
You offended me
Arianna Whitacre
Arianna Whitacre - پیش 7 ساعت
I am from Chicago I can tell you that that whole pie will take days cause it is so filling you can only have like one slice or half of a second one. But if you want real Chicago deep dish pizza, go to Giordano's
Tea Beans
Tea Beans - پیش 10 ساعت
Make them try a Long Island bagel next!!
Aaron Andrews
Aaron Andrews - پیش 11 ساعت
All of those saying fortnite kills me, back when i was young, we had pokemon on tv, on our game boys, on our cards games,
Simone - پیش 11 ساعت
Team Thin Crust
Lilly Dauenhauer
Lilly Dauenhauer - پیش 13 ساعت
John Niecikowski
John Niecikowski - پیش 15 ساعت
They should’ve got Lou malnatis
Tsubaki_ Chan
Tsubaki_ Chan - پیش 18 ساعت
3:44 I’m just staring at their non-existent eyebrows
Lori Brid
Lori Brid - پیش 18 ساعت
No one's folding up a slice like that 😞😞😞😞from NYC
PA_Cybermatrix - پیش روز
Radioactive gold Gamer
Radioactive gold Gamer - پیش روز
I love thin crust
WhaddaWet - پیش روز
i live in chicago, whoever made that deep dish was born in california..
Dia Tandugon
Dia Tandugon - پیش روز
Why does the deep dish pizza look weird here as if it was done in purpose(?). Or it’s just how it was made........ but deep dish pizza don’t look like that tho........
Tech Halt
Tech Halt - پیش روز
How to make deep dish better by
Not make it
Justas Silys
Justas Silys - پیش روز
Wheres maddox
petrichor, neptunus
petrichor, neptunus - پیش روز
maybe i need cavalli does mukbang 😂😂😂 jk
Memes_ Playz
Memes_ Playz - پیش روز
I'm a simple human, I see Cavalli I click.
Repsfurdayz - پیش روز
1:39 Osama bin laden when they asked him of his master plan
manpreet tharya
manpreet tharya - پیش روز
Clara is cute! The way she apologises for not liking deep dish is absolutely humble and adorable😍
silvermoonstone6076 - پیش روز
That sad music made clara's and cavali's facial expressions 10x funnier lmao
Royaltybrand11 - پیش روز
Yoooou should head to New York.
Android Gamer 9.86.0
Android Gamer 9.86.0 - پیش روز
Tucker Gray
Tucker Gray - پیش روز
Is that a younger lil mosey
Plushy Studios
Plushy Studios - پیش روز
Pikagaming ,
Pikagaming , - پیش روز
Me when I find out we have chicken nuggets for lunch 3:09😂😂
Joshua Duque
Joshua Duque - پیش روز
Why kids play fortnite just stop
Hayden Para
Hayden Para - پیش روز
0:27 that is the correct answer thank you someone knows
SuperSaiyan Kb
SuperSaiyan Kb - پیش روز
I felt this generations failure after that.
Vyse500 - پیش روز
I do not support childhood obesity and neither should you!
JamesTalks - پیش روز
They really gave the kids pepperoni pizza then gave them stuff kids wouldn’t eat on deep dish pizza smh
Polly Punani
Polly Punani - پیش روز
love these kids lol.. very entertaining
Chibifox - پیش روز
This was anything but unbiased bologna! You gave them a pepperoni thin crust, but then had all those other toppings on a pizza made for KIDS to eat?? Not to mentioned the crust was burnt! If they had bit into a cheese, or pepperoni deep dish, made with as much love as that NY style pizza was, this would have gone so much different. This wasn't an even challenge and you've turned those kids off from an actual GOOD pizza.
Gosh....and now I'm wanting some pizza.
malinthi perera
malinthi perera - پیش روز
I love the crust
Why did they do that?😭
Tamara G
Tamara G - پیش روز
3:31 that is all..
Alexandra Grace
Alexandra Grace - پیش روز
The 'thin crust' pizza they ate in the beginning, are pretty much our 'deep dish' in England! haha
Talkindurinthemovie - پیش روز
Dang im so hungryyy
scaf - پیش روز
Fra Game18
Fra Game18 - پیش روز
Dio stupido mi viene un cancro a vedere il grana messo così sulla pizza... 🤦🏽‍♂
Official Mekhi
Official Mekhi - پیش روز
Should’ve done Detroit style pizza🤩
メタモン - پیش روز
Imagine those kids taking about their favorite skins like we taking about favorite Pokémon.
1xrxaxrxex1 - پیش روز
cavalli is cute
Isaiah Mckelvin
Isaiah Mckelvin - پیش روز
Tell the black boy to add me on fortnite lilswoop123
Hoang Bac
Hoang Bac - پیش روز
Looks like its time to take a break from the disgusting foreign foods.
Magical & Fairy
Magical & Fairy - پیش 2 روز
Italians are triggered
Newt - پیش 2 روز
2:59 it’s burnt af.
BizarreAvenir - پیش 2 روز
What are the kids putting on the pizza?!
Xx_ Tentacion_xX
Xx_ Tentacion_xX - پیش 2 روز
4:40 she is so pure
Unreal Umbreon
Unreal Umbreon - پیش 2 روز
lmaoo who made that deep dish pizza
Unreal Umbreon
Unreal Umbreon - پیش 2 روز
Realized I was old when they picked fortnite over pokemon..
Mogosak - پیش 2 روز
Pokemon or Fortnite?
All kids: Fortnite!
Me: *u wot*
Khaled Raouf
Khaled Raouf - پیش 2 روز
Insta @yousef_khaled101
xd ZéNuno
xd ZéNuno - پیش 2 روز
4:39 awwwwwww OwO
Anonymous Me
Anonymous Me - پیش 2 روز
1:39 that’s me
Anonymous Me
Anonymous Me - پیش 2 روز
I choose PUBG
fatmeh abushanab
fatmeh abushanab - پیش 2 روز
*deep fish pizza😂*
Amazing Maliah
Amazing Maliah - پیش 2 روز
Lmao how sad Maddox wasn’t in this video and he always wanted pizza
Keanu Reeves
Keanu Reeves - پیش 2 روز
The girl likes chocolate
Foreverinmydreams331 - پیش 2 روز
Pizza hut pizza is the nastiest pizza of all time.
evette garcia
evette garcia - پیش 2 روز
You guys literally burned the deep dish pizza and added extra toppings knowing the kids wouldn’t like it, you guys didn’t play fair
has never been to ovoo javue
has never been to ovoo javue - پیش 2 روز
If your gonna have KIDS try deep dish pizza, atleast get some decent looking pizza ik LA has some good deep dish pizza places
Sum 5 yearold from Chicago
aerovic - پیش 2 روز
"F O R T N I T E"
"N O C R U S T"
this gen is depresto
Emma Gutstein
Emma Gutstein - پیش 2 روز
i live in chicago- yet i hate deep dish pizza
BEN - پیش 2 روز
No crust squad here
Lil Fishy
Lil Fishy - پیش 2 روز
Pokemon over fortnite part made me die inside like alot
Jenny Oyster
Jenny Oyster - پیش 2 روز
“No one likes crust...” No, Jr. You just don’t like it, lol!
Sokaina Tadili
Sokaina Tadili - پیش 2 روز
Clara is sooo cute omg
Harrison Wolfsberg
Harrison Wolfsberg - پیش 2 روز
there we go get in on the Fortnite train
Alyssa The leopard girl
Alyssa The leopard girl - پیش 2 روز
I am a native to Illinois and deep dish is nasty!
tea Spills
tea Spills - پیش 2 روز
*Neither* Good answer Clara
Random Eyes
Random Eyes - پیش 2 روز
Why do kids hate marshmallows and onions ;-;
Ri Ice
Ri Ice - پیش 2 روز
1:45 scary at back
Seven Deadly Sins
Seven Deadly Sins - پیش 2 روز
Thumbnail-Big Nibba Eating
Jake_ Pahl16
Jake_ Pahl16 - پیش 2 روز
"This from Chicago."
a r e y o u s u r e a b o u t t h a t?
King JFreezy23
King JFreezy23 - پیش 2 روز
This was not deep dish I’m from Chicago on foe nem they could’ve done a better job
Yanaliizgotskilz 10
Yanaliizgotskilz 10 - پیش 2 روز
I am from Chicago and love the pizza their
Tenerife Sea
Tenerife Sea - پیش 2 روز
As an Italian I’m actually crying
Cosmetic Archive
Cosmetic Archive - پیش 2 روز
I love and hate kids of this generation
xxxjoyner - پیش 2 روز
I wanna believe that at 0:33 the kid on the right put his thumb up because he’s used to playing heads down thumbs up.... I miss being a kid 🤣
Just a random girl
Just a random girl - پیش 2 روز
3:23 literally me
Cianni31 - پیش 2 روز
You should’ve added Detroit style pizza as well
Merlin derZauberl
Merlin derZauberl - پیش 2 روز
Johnniah Kemp
Johnniah Kemp - پیش 2 روز
Easy: 💦💦💦💦💦💦💦💦💦💦💦💦💦💦💦💦💧💦💦💦💦💦💦💦💦💦💦
Medium : 🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌚🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑


Sailor Jupiter
Sailor Jupiter - پیش 2 روز
The kids who picked Fortnite literally have no childhood AT ALL
FatherDingo - پیش 2 روز
Cavalli is cute, but waaaaaay overfed, i mean chill out with the food.
Kinoya uwu
Kinoya uwu - پیش 2 روز
As an Italian..I'm disgusted for the Chicago pizza.
Kea - پیش 2 روز
Clara is hilarious !
Franchesca Merritt
Franchesca Merritt - پیش 2 روز
The little black kid😂🙄
Boone - پیش 2 روز
“Pokémon or fortnite” ...the answer may break your heart 😂😂😂
Irèn - پیش 2 روز
The deep dish pizza sounded SO GOOD
Explore my life
Explore my life - پیش 2 روز
MrSuperrajab - پیش 3 روز
0:26 made my day
ViC ViC TV - پیش 3 روز
Black kid look like zias . Ight im out
spooky guava
spooky guava - پیش 3 روز
Cavalli is da best
savageboii k
savageboii k - پیش 3 روز
E su Jop
E su Jop - پیش 3 روز
Bro real deep dish just has cheese and sauce, maybe sausage. They did Chicago worng