Don't Trash Talk New York | Hardly Working

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pink toes
pink toes - پیش 22 ساعت
ny niggas wit dem durags & timbs
Athulryes - پیش روز
TIL: Canadian New York is basically just Toronto.
Vianney Pinto
Vianney Pinto - پیش روز
a WholE trAsh? 🤣🤣
👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 the acting tho
funstuff81girl - پیش روز
Eh New York is still shit.
The Narrator
The Narrator - پیش 2 روز
Wasn't CH in New York
Ehtisham - پیش 2 روز
This guy is incredible. Where was he before?
keith council
keith council - پیش 3 روز
" im from philly"
"Ohh thats great" - said no one ever
Philly gets 10 times the hate as NYC
aaroney132 - پیش 3 روز
This dude is an incredible actor.
Amalia Kamon
Amalia Kamon - پیش 4 روز
A wHoLe TrAsH
Jared pipkin
Jared pipkin - پیش 4 روز
since when do rats lay eggs?
jarrod nash
jarrod nash - پیش 4 روز
This is perfect
Hector Avendano
Hector Avendano - پیش 4 روز
I live in Las Vegas, however anytime it’s brought up I’m asked if I live in a casino..
nannie - پیش 5 روز
lmao same with los angeles
icedragonxl4 - پیش 5 روز
That acting was phenomenal
New Thought
New Thought - پیش 6 روز
'Why would we, YOU'RE there!?'. Poetry.
New Thought
New Thought - پیش 6 روز
NYC is awesome. And yes, I get triggered when anyone disses London. If you can't handle a major city that's YOUR problem!
JohnnySkeletman - پیش 6 روز
You can honestly just replace New York with United States and cities with countries and it's the same thing.
Farzin Naziri
Farzin Naziri - پیش 6 روز
Is this supposed to apply to all major cities in America? I honestly don't hear many people generally complain about New York.
Jimmy Johnson
Jimmy Johnson - پیش 6 روز
Lol Great stuff
amanterasu1 - پیش 7 روز
The one about people visiting New York being the reason its crowded hits close to home. Thats why there are so many people in Florida. Fucking tourists, bringing up the average IQ of Florida. Providing millions of dollars to the state. You people make me sick.
Rodrigo Zanetti
Rodrigo Zanetti - پیش 7 روز
Brennan is so hot 😍😍
white ginger beer
white ginger beer - پیش 8 روز
*A whole trash????*
i9incher - پیش 8 روز
but... rats don't lay eggs...
TheEleventh805 Gamer
TheEleventh805 Gamer - پیش 8 روز
My classmate: Philippines is full of robbers and dangerous
Me:*switches to Brennan mode* yeah that’s because all that the freaking news tells you is that we’re a third world country full of robbers and crime and barely the good side
James Mars
James Mars - پیش 8 روز
they abuse horses
nemesis Slayer
nemesis Slayer - پیش 8 روز
I have stepped in puddles so cold and so deep i was barley the same person when i stepped out of them. Easily the best CH line of all time
0XYG3N - پیش 8 روز
I love Brandon, great acting skills!!👏👏👏
Anurita Srivastava
Anurita Srivastava - پیش 9 روز
Google "Bowie Secrets", he hated Cincinnati (maybe that is somehow connected to him spending the rest of his life as a New Yorker)
Weirdo Guy
Weirdo Guy - پیش 10 روز
Yeah New York sucks

But have you ever been in Florida at the summer time and spring... and winter actually this place just sucks. People think it’s a tropical beach covered in palm trees and only one of those accusations is true(it’s the palm trees) and one day you could be needing a short sleeved shirt and shorts and the next it’s not that cold but your used to the warm weather and I don’t have long sleeved shirts or sweat shirts I’m very cold please help
Pyraxian1 - پیش 10 روز
Hey Brennan I'm gonna need you to go right ahead and marry my straight guy ass right now because I can't live without your comedy anymore.
My name is Del See Oh
My name is Del See Oh - پیش 10 روز
Yeah, man. I hate when weaklings from flyover country bash my town.
Jayne Ciri
Jayne Ciri - پیش 10 روز
Brennan is my all-time favourite cast member
Ansh Soni
Ansh Soni - پیش 10 روز
This was so satisfying to watch
epic monkey
epic monkey - پیش 10 روز
A whole trash on the ground lol my best advice is do not come to England 😂😂😂
Awesome_gaming 99
Awesome_gaming 99 - پیش 11 روز
I just love this kind of skits where brennan makes intelligent points/jokes
Theonlysuper Gamer
Theonlysuper Gamer - پیش 11 روز
I mean New York is ok
TehTJ - پیش 11 روز
You can tell this is fake because someone said something nice about Cincinnati.
TheMadHatter _19
TheMadHatter _19 - پیش 12 روز
"Why would we? You're there" is a perfect discription of high school.
Gaming How
Gaming How - پیش 12 روز
I think he's just a good actor
A Random YouTuber
A Random YouTuber - پیش 12 روز
Ashlyn Ellender
Ashlyn Ellender - پیش 13 روز
Reminiscent of Foamy the squirrel
DewDot Drizzle
DewDot Drizzle - پیش 13 روز
Nakul Maletira
Nakul Maletira - پیش 13 روز
Yeah, but Chicago is way better.
lydia pari
lydia pari - پیش 14 روز
a *WHOLE* trash on the ground
ST3ALTH - پیش 14 روز
“New Yorkers never smile”
fokeyjoe - پیش 14 روز
Awesome acting from Brennan... almost but didn't go full Gollum!!
William Vasiladiotis
William Vasiladiotis - پیش 14 روز
You can’t trash talk NYC unless you’re actually from here.
;; kiba
;; kiba - پیش 14 روز
New Yorkers don’t like living in New York and want to get out but once someone trashes New York, we go off.
batgirl24 - پیش 15 روز
i miss living there so much.
Natalie - پیش 15 روز
I have the same problem with florida. No, I've never been to Miami, yes I've been to disney, yes florida is bigger than those to places smushed together. People come to miami, maybe they think its too loud, or they see one drug deal go down, and assume the whole state is shit
Isuru Nanayakkara
Isuru Nanayakkara - پیش 15 روز
New Yorkers never smile.
Why would we? You're there..
rekt 🤣
curlygirl grace
curlygirl grace - پیش 15 روز
“I’m ScAred becAusE I SaW a LitTle rAt laY a LittlE egG insIde a LitTle VagrAnt’s OPEn kNifE wounD aWw😞” smh, wusses
Spooo - پیش 16 روز
Brennan has sideburns
a jomagurd
a jomagurd - پیش 16 روز
Y'all should come to seattle. We have twice as many trashes on the ground and a bunch of heroin addicts to boot, and we're not even half the size of NYC
only a comentary nothing special
God dam why is he not in the movies he is so incredible talented holy shit
PapaSmurf Smurfy
PapaSmurf Smurfy - پیش 16 روز
That Cracker Barrel line hit me hard
elijah carpenter
elijah carpenter - پیش 16 روز
I went to NYC for a week, I'm from ohio, I loved every minute of it!
My name is not Jerome
My name is not Jerome - پیش 16 روز
NY is the most important city in the world, people who say they don't like it are jealous that they don't live/come from there.
Jolie Ragin
Jolie Ragin - پیش 17 روز
I'm from new York. I was born there and I still live there now and I have always lived here. I hate it and I really do believe it is absolutely terrible. It sucks. But I think all of America completely sucks. But new York sucks most about ameroca
Bajs Beckham
Bajs Beckham - پیش 18 روز
Being a New Yorker, this is by far my favorite CH video.
Kevin Chang
Kevin Chang - پیش 19 روز
Afrodynomite AD
Afrodynomite AD - پیش 19 روز
Looks like he was about to unload
Will Patton
Will Patton - پیش 19 روز
I'm offended (not really)
Weaponzzz - پیش 20 روز
“New Yorkers are drunk and angry”
“Well actually that’s true but they’re from Long Island”
Lmao i died
Tamar Lambert
Tamar Lambert - پیش 20 روز
Paul Brennan
Paul Brennan - پیش 21 روز
justin reutter
justin reutter - پیش 22 روز
From cincinnati can confirm it sucks
The Outlander
The Outlander - پیش 23 روز
Ever notice how Brennan always plays the strong character? The holding shit sketch, the calling in sick sketch, this one, the list goes on
The Outlander
The Outlander - پیش 23 روز
*I'm scared coz I saw a little rat lay a little egg in a little vagrants knife wound*
Kiki Ottenheimer
Kiki Ottenheimer - پیش 24 روز
I’ve lived in New York my whole life I love it so don’t come for me
Hellfire Heroes
Hellfire Heroes - پیش 24 روز
I've seen rustpunks suck eachother off in the open guitar case of a weeping busker
J. S.
J. S. - پیش 24 روز
Weird comment, but I want Brennan to yell at me. It would be an honor.
Alyy Jailyn
Alyy Jailyn - پیش 24 روز
And one time..... I accidentally went out during santacon. And I loved.... every..... second of it
Alyy Jailyn
Alyy Jailyn - پیش 24 روز
I have *STEPPED* in puddles so *DEEP* and so cold. I was barely the same person when I came out. RELATABLE AS A NEW YORKER😭
Dryden Brown
Dryden Brown - پیش 25 روز
California? Florida? Okay then......
Theo Kings
Theo Kings - پیش 25 روز
I would love to see Brennan as the Joker or even the Riddler. He has the acting chops for it.
gulamelaka77 - پیش 25 روز
Also.... The illuminati mug?
gulamelaka77 - پیش 25 روز
Rats... Lays eggs in New York? 🥚
Vardhan Shrivastava
Vardhan Shrivastava - پیش 26 روز
BTW... Come to Mumbai.
alphanash - پیش 27 روز
I'm from London, UK and live in Birmingham. I can 100% relate to this
Jiggly Puff
Jiggly Puff - پیش 27 روز
This whole skit had me like "damn."
Pineapple Juice
Pineapple Juice - پیش 27 روز
I’m from Long Island. DOes thAT cOuNT?
CARLOS UQUILLAS - پیش 28 روز
New Yorker here I love my city is the best one in the world.
Simple Sonata
Simple Sonata - پیش 28 روز
Shit was so Savage.
shannon Drohn
shannon Drohn - پیش 29 روز
"Well people from New York don't smile."
"Yes cause you're there."
-roast of 2018
Fedoral Offense
Fedoral Offense - پیش 29 روز
So wait, why is there a buncha shit about Long Island? I live in Long Island.
Almighty Loaf
Almighty Loaf - پیش 29 روز
Exact same feelings but replace London with New York
Sagar Dimdung
Sagar Dimdung - پیش ماه
His acting fire
Charlie Crowley
Charlie Crowley - پیش ماه
1:18 You can trash talk New York all you want but DO NOT, and I repeat, DO NOT, trash talk any city in Ohio.
The Buckeyes will screw you over in the long run, trust me, we're patriotic
even though no one even knows where Ohio is...
Talkin' & Grubbin'
Talkin' & Grubbin' - پیش 28 روز
+Charlie Crowley Yeah they only care to blame Ohio for everything that's wrong with America.
Charlie Crowley
Charlie Crowley - پیش 28 روز
+Talkin' & Grubbin' We're lonely over here
Charlie Crowley
Charlie Crowley - پیش 28 روز
+Talkin' & Grubbin' I was joking, but no one cares about Ohio though.
Talkin' & Grubbin'
Talkin' & Grubbin' - پیش 29 روز
Charlie Crowley Well, I thought in the well-educated Coast they taught basic U.S. Geography? I guess they don't anymore. Also, people can Google a map to find out where Ohio is, or take a trip to their library for geography books.
Prabhnoor Singh
Prabhnoor Singh - پیش ماه
I think we found the new Joker
Quentin h
Quentin h - پیش ماه
"I saw two crust punks suck each other off" HAHAHA
TheAvirus - پیش ماه
My home state is Virginia and you can find many virgins in it....


Btw im Joking to all those salty people who's home state is Virginia too
WillHellmm - پیش ماه
Chicago is better tbh
WillHellmm - پیش ماه
+Charlie Crowley my Dad's side lives there, but I much prefer Chicago, Navy Peir, Lake Michigan, The Parks, etc
Charlie Crowley
Charlie Crowley - پیش ماه
No, Cincinnati, just go to Ohio, it might seem boring but there is a lot of cool stuff, like theme parks. 1. Kings Island ( The best ) 2. Cedar Point ( Rollercoastermania )
Just_me_that's_ fine
Just_me_that's_ fine - پیش ماه
Germany! Where the trains come sometimes half an hour late and you meet new people in the train while it stops for another 15 minutes just 5 metres before it reaches the station
David 8
David 8 - پیش ماه
Brennan is the best
poop monster protector
poop monster protector - پیش ماه
Cincinnati anyone?
Charlie Crowley
Charlie Crowley - پیش ماه
I live close to Cincinnati.
RoronoaZor0 - پیش ماه
I mean there's a whole poem about Mudville
Mathiasthered - پیش ماه
I'm from new York, but deer park long island and honestly mood
Mariana Gracia Beltran
Mariana Gracia Beltran - پیش ماه
I feel like this can apply for a lot of capital cities, everybody feels entitled to talk sh*t about your happens in my country
Sookie Sycho
Sookie Sycho - پیش ماه
"No one ever talks shit about Cincinnati"
*cough cough we had half year where we shit talked Cincinnati. Remember the ZOO INCIDENT*
Charlie Crowley
Charlie Crowley - پیش ماه
R.I.P. Harambe