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Stuart Yuan
Stuart Yuan - پیش 2 ساعت
is the lettuce skit from the Odd1sout?
Cooper Hampson
Cooper Hampson - پیش 6 ساعت
So much people making puns from James
Phuong Tran
Phuong Tran - پیش 10 ساعت
I want a salad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
camper 3_0
camper 3_0 - پیش 10 ساعت
The worst thing is, they are not wearing gloves
alaska midgettaco
alaska midgettaco - پیش 13 ساعت
I was born in Pakistan
tatumGtatumG - پیش 13 ساعت
o-or you could just go to Jersey Mike's
Ronchas Gonzalez
Ronchas Gonzalez - پیش 14 ساعت
A salad
Yeah what kind of bread
Yeah what kind of bread
A salad!
Charly L
Charly L - پیش 15 ساعت
1:26 Salad is a type of bread.
Shirokuma Otaku
Shirokuma Otaku - پیش 14 ساعت
No I think its because People rarely buy the Salad, The Emlpoyee must be so used to having served alot of Subs
Epic Everlan
Epic Everlan - پیش 15 ساعت
Salad’s i like salad’s
Marko DePasquale
Marko DePasquale - پیش 17 ساعت
I dont know what kind of Subway you people go to, but every subway I have went to has a dude that whispers "toasted" in a thick accent
lil stoopid
lil stoopid - پیش 17 ساعت
Hi i want a salad ok what kind of bread
Alexandru Culachi
Alexandru Culachi - پیش 22 ساعت
When he tried to wrap the sandwich at 3:10 it's like at maths
Illogical Productions
Illogical Productions - پیش روز
What the fuuuhhh they stole the thing from the odd1sout
Thúy Tạ
Thúy Tạ - پیش روز
Every" SOOUBWAY" ever
0Byrix 0
0Byrix 0 - پیش روز
If I worked in Subsway and I have annoying Costumers I’d Just quit
pastel Moonlight
pastel Moonlight - پیش روز
Call James .
*like right now*
He needs to see this .

that guy who wanted more lettuce? He’s the freaking genderbent of *that lady*
RodilasYT- Gaming
RodilasYT- Gaming - پیش روز
Old smosh is better
The Terminat0r04
The Terminat0r04 - پیش روز
It is pronounced sooubway.goddam kids
Edit:I didn’t look at the comments before typing this now I feel like a copy
Paulie K
Paulie K - پیش روز
Good work :-)😅😂😂😂😂
Junior Reyes
Junior Reyes - پیش روز
I used to work at Sooubway and NONE of this is True
The Sorceress Kath
The Sorceress Kath - پیش روز
My gosh that's alot of lettuce
Gabriel Llanes
Gabriel Llanes - پیش روز
1:26 I loved it.... A SALAAAAAADDDD!
Madly33z - پیش روز
He didn't use gloves-_-
Tara Perlinger
Tara Perlinger - پیش روز
GOLDEN GAMER - پیش روز
Nah I don't want a food made without gloves
Chelsea Johnston
Chelsea Johnston - پیش روز
Eaglesplay YT
Eaglesplay YT - پیش روز
3:17 satisfying noises because of letters
Pablo Cortes
Pablo Cortes - پیش روز
this wasn’t funny
Sam corpin
Sam corpin - پیش 2 روز
aarij hashmi
aarij hashmi - پیش 2 روز
Masterkiller 4684
Masterkiller 4684 - پیش 2 روز
Hey what’s subway? Never heard of it only heard of sooubway.
Charlotte Smith
Charlotte Smith - پیش 2 روز
Every streamys ever
Abubakr Ahmed
Abubakr Ahmed - پیش 2 روز
Why did he throw the whole sandwich he could have just thrown the bread
Bertie Cripps
Bertie Cripps - پیش 2 روز
Pretty sure your supposed to wear gloves
Talal Ali
Talal Ali - پیش 2 روز
Talal Ali
Talal Ali - پیش 2 روز
That sandwich should be called salad mainia
Teco Taco
Teco Taco - پیش 2 روز
thought this was college humor
jess heidi
jess heidi - پیش 2 روز
do subways in america not use gloves??
Archer Walters
Archer Walters - پیش 2 روز
Mateja Janda
Mateja Janda - پیش 2 روز
I hate the artist ,noob,toomuch, and the super vegie one
Hakuru15 - پیش 2 روز
First few seconds in, WHERE ARE YOUR GLOVES 😂
my name gunther
my name gunther - پیش 3 روز
smosh is shit without anthony
the magma man
the magma man - پیش 3 روز
Do every KFC ever
Endgame - پیش 3 روز
Truong Tran
Truong Tran - پیش 3 روز
Hi could I have a saalad
Ok what kind of bread
Um a saalad
Yeah what kind of bread
Um a saaalad!
Yeah what kind of bread!
Um a saaaaaaaaaalaaaaaaaad!!!
king bossy
king bossy - پیش 3 روز
2:20 me while the lunch lady puts trash in my plate😬
Anthony Hernandez
Anthony Hernandez - پیش 3 روز
3:13 when you are hiding your homework in the trash can but it’s full
datryhardari - پیش 3 روز
evrey evrey blank ever ever
Aston Kitchen
Aston Kitchen - پیش 3 روز
It’s funny that nothing of this stuff happens in subway
BP 46
BP 46 - پیش 3 روز
Surely if the sandwich explodes when he he opens it shouldn’t that mean he’s not going to struggle to open
TristanTheGamer - پیش 3 روز
Where I live there actually is a McDonald’s around the corner of a subway with a kfc across the road
christi bruce
christi bruce - پیش 3 روز
Snor X
Snor X - پیش 3 روز
The first clip why didn't he just get a new top sandwitch
TheGuyWhoCommntsEverywhere - پیش 4 روز
*I got every single one. Pokémons not STDs.*
RoGamingBros - SN Animator
RoGamingBros - SN Animator - پیش 4 روز
Service in Sooubway
Capitalist Anonymous Memer boi
Capitalist Anonymous Memer boi - پیش 4 روز
Quincy Qiuncy
Quincy Qiuncy - پیش 4 روز
This video made me hungry....
Australian Nerd
Australian Nerd - پیش 4 روز
Its really realistic the fact that they *arent wearing gloves*
Lightning Cat_100
Lightning Cat_100 - پیش 4 روز
Your videos are so funny! Great job! Cool channel 👍👍👍👍
AshGaming Ghintala
AshGaming Ghintala - پیش 4 روز
dont you mean sooubway
Miguel De Santiago
Miguel De Santiago - پیش 4 روز
. .
Sportsgamer 91
Sportsgamer 91 - پیش 4 روز
The first guy. JTP !
Savage Kindle
Savage Kindle - پیش 4 روز
Burnt_RBLX - پیش 4 روز
What type of bread?
INTPTT - پیش 4 روز
Completely inaccurate. The employees in the video could speak English.
Finn Tiao
Finn Tiao - پیش 4 روز
She could have said toast it for 1 sec
Jared K
Jared K - پیش 4 روز
you forgot about Jared Fogle
Jey Freeman
Jey Freeman - پیش 4 روز
Every sooubway ever.
Chloey Phoukieo
Chloey Phoukieo - پیش 4 روز
Hello Subway? You're Shayne's favorite pizza place.
Malcolm Robinson
Malcolm Robinson - پیش 4 روز
Where are is gloves
Miguel Olvera
Miguel Olvera - پیش 4 روز
akncbwood - پیش 4 روز
Hey can I get nothing
Sure what type of bread
maggie bulaw
maggie bulaw - پیش 4 روز
The scene with all the lettuce reminds me of good burger! :)
Fluffy - پیش 4 روز
Cough *SOOUBWAY* Cough
Eon - پیش 5 روز
if i trick you then reply to this comment

Read more
VaBlog - پیش 5 روز
You need gloves
Kacchan Deku Bnha
Kacchan Deku Bnha - پیش 5 روز
92% of the people in the comments ( including me) know about James sooubway videos
mr. scout the one who hates spy’s
Man: can I get a little more lettuce?
Worker: ok
Man: I want more lettuce
Worker: Ok
Man: Do I have to call you’re manager?
Worker: nononononono
Man: Perfect :)
Worker: *sigh* :D
Mr. AK Vlogs
Mr. AK Vlogs - پیش 5 روز
Every Subway ever
Nathan and Dylan
Nathan and Dylan - پیش 5 روز
I know you meant *SOOUBWAY*
Ash Ketchup
Ash Ketchup - پیش 5 روز
Gage Cooper
Gage Cooper - پیش 5 روز
21 Chris
21 Chris - پیش 5 روز
Lol 1:08 every subway smells the same
Khoa Nguyen
Khoa Nguyen - پیش 5 روز
It’s not called subway it’s called sooubway
Mythic Quota
Mythic Quota - پیش 5 روز
Your Youtube Channel Trash Really quit youtube😄
the real game boss hacker
the real game boss hacker - پیش 5 روز
Neonz Fox
Neonz Fox - پیش 5 روز
Kanna Gacha
Kanna Gacha - پیش 5 روز
Spooky918 WOAH
Spooky918 WOAH - پیش 5 روز
Every smosh video ever
The Stach
The Stach - پیش 5 روز
2:53 I like how they straight up stole a joke from theodd1sout
Jan Iwhatcookies
Jan Iwhatcookies - پیش 5 روز
I’m eating subway and watching this lol 😂
Xxx BillieEditz
Xxx BillieEditz - پیش 5 روز
It’s spelt sooubway*
MasterKenobiWan - پیش 5 روز
Is this a young Chris Rock?
BISHOP298 - پیش 6 روز
You forgot the guy that gets ever fucking thing including the red vinegar
Jewel Isidro
Jewel Isidro - پیش 6 روز
Srsly you forgot jared fogle
Stanford Lee
Stanford Lee - پیش 6 روز
Lol...lost of luck for both side
charlz - پیش 6 روز
Yeah you stole the lettuces joke from theodd1nsout
Swag Master
Swag Master - پیش 6 روز
1:27 twitch streamer by the way like if u get it
Reece Harbottle
Reece Harbottle - پیش 6 روز
do every neighbor hood ever
Milla - پیش 5 روز
They can't, they barely have any money, (I think) and their company is gone soooo,.... Read the news yo or at least follow a little bit of the drama
IceColdVenom Gaming
IceColdVenom Gaming - پیش 6 روز