Is The *NEW* SMG Any Good? Fortnite Battle Royale! (Gameplay)

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123 456 - پیش 5 ماه
Obviously fake Muselk’s... the real one is far worse than them
muselk - پیش 15 روز
Muselk is better than you cant speak
Marten k
Marten k - پیش 17 روز
sdb8182 - پیش ماه
Jasper Gray
Jasper Gray - پیش 2 ماه
Stfu lel
CrimsonYT - پیش 3 ماه
FerventSpy78374 YT
FerventSpy78374 YT - پیش 5 ساعت
Noooooo we died
Nikita Mouratch
Nikita Mouratch - پیش 6 ساعت
Wow what are the odds of you running in to muselk two times in a row you landed at the same location and you killed him both times😱🧐🤔👍
REID 1 - پیش 12 ساعت
10:49. Did Lachlan just leave the best gun in the game. The blue drum gun
Com’on lachy
Tara Maguire
Tara Maguire - پیش 16 ساعت
can i get an "oof" in the chat??? 0:33
fortnite rocks 1
fortnite rocks 1 - پیش 19 ساعت
RIP musalk 1:20
William Li
William Li - پیش روز
Not fake myself I checked the names
Emma Cayte Hodges
Emma Cayte Hodges - پیش روز
I can agree with he was a fake also I subbed and turned on notificaitons and liked
Ulli Freyr
Ulli Freyr - پیش روز
Muselk left the chat
Jason M
Jason M - پیش 2 روز
And so began the spray meta...
RBG L3ON - پیش 2 روز
I thought Elliot was worser
infinite justice
infinite justice - پیش 4 روز
Lachlan you kill mulselk 2 that's why your my favorite YouTuber
Isa Namazzade
Isa Namazzade - پیش 5 روز
Muselk sucks Ali-A intro plays
Ian Loef
Ian Loef - پیش 5 روز
5:19 look at kill feed
Eawn Armstrong
Eawn Armstrong - پیش 5 روز
seasone 7 squad
sportkid 20
sportkid 20 - پیش 5 روز
Look at kill feed 6:14 muselk in the game
Mouhamad Elayoubi
Mouhamad Elayoubi - پیش 5 روز
Rip drum gun
Almahdi Said
Almahdi Said - پیش 6 روز
Anyone from season 12 watching
Aidan L
Aidan L - پیش 6 روز
I love when I find videos of different content creators trying out these new weapons in the same server. I watched lazarbeam’s video on this gun and at one point he noticed how Lachlan killed Elliot in the kill feed. 😂
ibi Mirza
ibi Mirza - پیش 7 روز
Ariakan Barnes
Ariakan Barnes - پیش 8 روز
fortnite is better than pubg
Crafts Man
Crafts Man - پیش 8 روز
Tfue Fortnite
Tfue Fortnite - پیش 8 روز
dual wields
Cyber Clips
Cyber Clips - پیش 10 روز
Who watching when season 6 is ending
Sherif Omar
Sherif Omar - پیش 10 روز
Muselk is shit at the game
A_Kid_who's Bent jk
A_Kid_who's Bent jk - پیش 11 روز
Thing is tho how many ppl with the name Muselk are on the oceanic servers and have skull trooper. Not many it deffo is Elliot
Nicki Clymo
Nicki Clymo - پیش 11 روز
Get wrecked Elliot or should I say FAKE MUSElK
CleverCalf62135 Fortnite
CleverCalf62135 Fortnite - پیش 11 روز
The blue one is the p90 in season 6
TheNinjaBoy - پیش 12 روز
6:15 Elliot was in it again, look at chat
Andrei Shaormelu 700
Andrei Shaormelu 700 - پیش 12 روز
I miss the tactical SMG, the best gun in the game :(
Xx SpikeHS xX
Xx SpikeHS xX - پیش 12 روز
R.I.P that llama at 4:40 x
JHM Music
JHM Music - پیش 12 روز
You awe awesome Dood🙂🥳👍🙏👌
Kyle Freeman
Kyle Freeman - پیش 13 روز
That is crazy
Robbie Scarborough
Robbie Scarborough - پیش 13 روز
elliot beat you in the one v one
Alex 103
Alex 103 - پیش 14 روز
6:17 you see Elliot in the chat
Manayal Amir
Manayal Amir - پیش 15 روز
Again man 13:30
Manayal Amir
Manayal Amir - پیش 15 روز
Why didn’t you get the drum gun man 10:51
Wyatt Evans
Wyatt Evans - پیش 15 روز
Anyone watching when drumgun is gone😭😭
ClassicStache - پیش 15 روز
EFE TURUNCOGLU - پیش 16 روز
4:40 llama
Melissa Wehri
Melissa Wehri - پیش 16 روز
Muselk sucks dick
Melissa Wehri
Melissa Wehri - پیش 16 روز
Ya your so right
Jake Affinito
Jake Affinito - پیش 17 روز
Is he really that bad?
HannahK 101111
HannahK 101111 - پیش 17 روز
At 5:19 if u pause it, it says “Muselk shotgunned” on the left
Chris Botha
Chris Botha - پیش 18 روز
Fs in the chat for the tac SMG 😢
ADiehardSavage Gaming
ADiehardSavage Gaming - پیش 18 روز
R.I.P. Tac SMG. Watching this now makes me depressed. That was honestly a mistake removing it. Now currently, we only have the Compact and Regular SMG. I’ve been trying to find it in playground but have had no success. Anyone else know if it is in playground or has found it? I want to know if it’s possible to get it in playground. 😢😥😢😥
Adam Štefanča
Adam Štefanča - پیش 18 روز
4:40 that lame position to dusty
XRN Doom
XRN Doom - پیش 19 روز
Lachlan says he’s going to keep an eye on the chat at 6:10 but at 6:15 Muselk is in the chat
Rsk FIFA - پیش 19 روز
The gun is a sub machine gun
Dudes The cubes
Dudes The cubes - پیش 19 روز
Did anyone see the llama in game 1
Vazgenator 001
Vazgenator 001 - پیش 19 روز
6:16 look at the top of the kill feed
Tina Sharon
Tina Sharon - پیش 19 روز
4:40 lama
by dusty
Zakary Batokens
Zakary Batokens - پیش 20 روز
Am i only one who saw that llama
Player 3
Player 3 - پیش 20 روز
At 6:13 Muselk was in his game again.
Jozlyn Romero
Jozlyn Romero - پیش 20 روز
"God dood this thing is a machine ....gun.... Sub machine gun... Get it?"😂
The C's
The C's - پیش 21 روز
I don’t know muselk went to the fall skirmish
Dale Hills
Dale Hills - پیش 21 روز
You and muselk should fight in playground and see who is better do 4 rounds
Dale Hills
Dale Hills - پیش 21 روز
Lachlan why didn’t you pick up the blue drum gun it’s so good
Itz Jayden
Itz Jayden - پیش 21 روز
What does rng mean
Lumber sir
Lumber sir - پیش 21 روز
who saw the lama at 4:40
Loar FateYT
Loar FateYT - پیش 21 روز
TWPOAF - پیش 22 روز
I saw a mr mooseclick in the kill feed which is muselks old account after he killed muselk
Jack Buckley
Jack Buckley - پیش 23 روز
Come on fortnite give him it
Jack Buckley
Jack Buckley - پیش 23 روز
Elliott is not that good see for your own good
Paty O’s
Paty O’s - پیش 24 روز
Rip my most used weapon the tax smg
The Cooper channel
The Cooper channel - پیش 24 روز
U mist a larmer
Rob Bob
Rob Bob - پیش 24 روز
He’s the worst.... OMG ITS ELIOT! Haha I died!
Jony Perez
Jony Perez - پیش 25 روز
Wow Eliot
Michael Gibson
Michael Gibson - پیش 25 روز
4:41 lamma
ROBLOX RULER - پیش 26 روز
Elliot is WAY better than the skull trooper and the drift and they may be stream sniping
Jace Reo
Jace Reo - پیش 27 روز
7 49 suppressed smg?
Fearless Noah
Fearless Noah - پیش 27 روز
3:25 and 6:42 your welcome :)
George Johnson
George Johnson - پیش 27 روز
Can you do the health challenge
Nick Bomb
Nick Bomb - پیش 28 روز
I also starting cracking up too
Giacomo Gallai
Giacomo Gallai - پیش ماه
And I liked
Giacomo Gallai
Giacomo Gallai - پیش ماه
I hit the bell and subscribed
ninja - پیش ماه
lachy....are you using the force?
Alfredo León
Alfredo León - پیش ماه
That was muselk
Thomas H
Thomas H - پیش ماه
Lamma at 3.35 but you died
It’s _king Mo
It’s _king Mo - پیش ماه
19:03 there’s some one in the bush
Sebastian Spies
Sebastian Spies - پیش ماه
rip elliot
Injured Rhyme30
Injured Rhyme30 - پیش ماه
Anyone see the lama at 4:40
Smokier Wall4735
Smokier Wall4735 - پیش ماه
Llama at 4:41
Wassan Salih
Wassan Salih - پیش ماه
Look at 6:16 in the chat
Mohand Melhem
Mohand Melhem - پیش ماه
I’m in hospital righ now
Toasty s’mores Plus1
Toasty s’mores Plus1 - پیش ماه
Look at the chat on around 6:11
Jude Sodha
Jude Sodha - پیش ماه
I love the suppress smg
Jack Gallagher Gallagher
Jack Gallagher Gallagher - پیش ماه
RIP tac smg and fake muselk
Pimkie pim
Pimkie pim - پیش ماه
So funny that you killed muselk
Liam Sondermann
Liam Sondermann - پیش ماه
Who saw the llama at 4:40
History Guy
History Guy - پیش ماه
He left a tommy gun
Tbone3426 Cormier
Tbone3426 Cormier - پیش ماه
Lol it was Elliot
JenJen Rocks
JenJen Rocks - پیش ماه
He got the blue drum gun twice and he did not pick it up my life is ruined 😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😊😊
Velocity Shots
Velocity Shots - پیش ماه
If he says “chiki dub” one more time I will scream and want to die
Ginger Bread
Ginger Bread - پیش ماه
It is the real Muselk because why would someone spectate you if you are dancing?
Laurie Lee
Laurie Lee - پیش ماه
I liked just for killing Eliot xd
doge. exe
doge. exe - پیش ماه
frickin tic tok
Doritobag - پیش ماه
Rip Muselk
Lil Fortnite
Lil Fortnite - پیش ماه
Lisa Gonzalez
Lisa Gonzalez - پیش ماه