Phora - Came Up [Official Audio]

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Marie White
Marie White - پیش 2 ماه
Dope AF!!!🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Gregory Diaz
Gregory Diaz - پیش 3 ماه
What happened to the "with love" album on spotify 😔😔
Acid - پیش 4 ماه
Aaron Brown
Aaron Brown - پیش 8 ماه
Dis nigga cold
gerald agent
gerald agent - پیش 9 ماه
firstly i listened to before its over part2 then i ended up with all ur albums on my device .u the type of nigga i needed from the start
Kayra Lopez
Kayra Lopez - پیش 9 ماه
i still fuck with it 🌹💜
Nayely Ortega
Nayely Ortega - پیش سال
The Beauty In Dirty Chucks Is They Come With They're History .
Manic Beats
Manic Beats - پیش سال
Does anyone know the sample to this song? I recognise this piano so much
riviera_ 12
riviera_ 12 - پیش سال
Since 2015!!
TRUTH - پیش سال
"But I still made it possible, so ask yourself what's stopping you. Stay true to yourself, never let anyone talk down when they talk to you." Phora, I take your advice and reuse your words all the time.❤️thanks for the inspiration:)
James Doyal
James Doyal - پیش سال
Here it is 2017 an im like u ever heard of this cat called phora they like no I'm like look him up he is tha reallest
Bryan Orozco
Bryan Orozco - پیش سال
playing Phora since tagger-style part one
chinuh man
chinuh man - پیش سال
I can't believe everyone's just now listening to phora and giving him recognition. I've been a fan since he was still in the womb spitting freestyles thru the imbilical cord. real shit... do I win..? LMAO. why do stupid people annoy me?
Brendan Tshukuse
Brendan Tshukuse - پیش سال
killa jam
Ben Vaughn
Ben Vaughn - پیش سال
Harley Johnson
Harley Johnson - پیش سال
since the last two years I've been fucking with your music. you rap about realistic situations in which we all go through, rappers like you are hard to come by. YT FOREVER 💙🤘🏻
Jocelyne - پیش سال
motivational asf 🤘🔥
riviera_ 12
riviera_ 12 - پیش سال
"but shit i still pulled through, so ask yourself whats stopping you, just stay true to yourself and don't ever let nobody talk down when they talk to you" song gives me goosebumps everytime 🙏💯
SMAKKA VELLA - پیش سال
NEL son
NEL son - پیش سال
I stumbled up on you accidentally the song with silver, We all go through good times, but it never always stays that way..
Cuz along comes the bad times, but just keep your head up and take it day by day.
Just from that one song I could see the potential and then you put out with love, All i got to say is you keep up the good work, they will recognize the real is back on the rise fuck these fake as guys
vampirehoez - پیش سال
Thank you Phora to speaking my words. I just found you today, and forever will so love you o.O
HALO BEAST - پیش سال
f*** sick songs phora
Jayme Morgan
Jayme Morgan - پیش سال
Chando Rib'e Track
Chando Rib'e Track - پیش سال
Phora just signed his major deal. I been listening to these dude for years and tbh I feel so happy for him, no homo lol. It's all love. But this song reminds me of all the shit he went through and all the days me listening to his old tapes for me to keep going
Sum Du
Sum Du - پیش سال
I've been listening to your music for 2 years 1/2,I really like to see my favorite rapper still strong after all that has happened to you,appreciate all your hard work and the connections you give through your music.Stay strong phora💪stay humble✊and don't stop making these dope songs keep it up👍
Well - پیش سال
amazing, man...
EPIK THE DAWN - پیش سال
HMU. Let's work... Make sure you put that (Prod. By) on there too lol.
Tuna_boat - پیش سال
is it me or is this not the dopest track of 2016?
Joel Ingalls
Joel Ingalls - پیش سال
fuck yes.
Jalysia Jones
Jalysia Jones - پیش سال
I'm a newcomer to Phora's music but I feel it because it comes from the heart. this man will only keep advancing
Paola Rodriguez
Paola Rodriguez - پیش سال
2k11 with you
Geephuk Er
Geephuk Er - پیش سال
Stay true pt2? Cx
Danistrain - پیش سال
Phora is soft
Sandra Contreras
Sandra Contreras - پیش سال
babyyy boyyy . 😔😍❤
DLmohh - پیش 2 سال
Like what tf am I afraid of?! :3
Kamryn_ 1997
Kamryn_ 1997 - پیش 2 سال
I love this beat all I feel is good vibes
Vigilante - پیش 2 سال
never heard of you before. this shits dope. keep making music bro.
Angel Banuelos
Angel Banuelos - پیش 2 سال
Name the 1st song you listened to by Phora. Mine was Written Words.
Princess_ dajj
Princess_ dajj - پیش 2 سال
Omg when this song came on suddenly got cold chills now that's true love
Rabit 323
Rabit 323 - پیش 2 سال
dam i remember when this song dropped i was on the phone with my bestfriend n she screamed phora dropped some songs lol anyway it would mean alot if you check out my remix to young m.a eat i think it came out for a song that was written in a day
Emiliano Alvarado
Emiliano Alvarado - پیش 2 سال
Been listening to you since I was freshman. " Living Proof " and " Forgive me Mother " go the hardest.
Steelo - پیش 2 سال
The most motivational artist I've ever heard also my favorite YT Forever!
Stephanie sanchez
Stephanie sanchez - پیش 2 سال
Favorite song from phora 😭😭💗
Ramil Toribio
Ramil Toribio - پیش 2 سال
this is what I'm talking about !! leeeets Gooooo homes
Tuna_boat - پیش 2 سال
Like..what the fuck am I afraid of?
allee escalante
allee escalante - پیش 2 سال
im new here, whats the famus notification squad i kee hearing about? XD
Jocelyn FRESH
Jocelyn FRESH - پیش 2 سال
love phora
ruos 303
ruos 303 - پیش 2 سال
broo, its crazy how far all of us have came within 5 years! just imagine 5 more years, i want everyone reading this to think BIG with me rite now , how far will yaw really be in 5 years?? cheers! 🔥😎
TheOfficialGrimistic - پیش 2 سال
You definitely came up but you also got a long way to go bro!
Stay Blessed🙏🏻
Shado-_-Slayers - پیش 2 سال
Anymore songs like this with a drop beat and that isn't really a love song, I'm a dude I don't really like love songs lol But if it has a Dop beat I'll give it a Try.
Angelena Robles
Angelena Robles - پیش 2 سال
how tf ppl dislike this song you on something then YT forever👌✨
Young Tarantino
Young Tarantino - پیش 2 سال
Alot of motivation whenever i hear this track💯👌💰. One of my favs. Also Sinner. These two tracks are what get me going. All your tracks helped me. All of them.💯Thanks for not letting us down. Now, i will see you when i get on top! See you soon Phora!❤
trap star
trap star - پیش 2 سال
your the best rapper ever man
YOSEPH SARWARY - پیش 2 سال
Jermaine Guillaume
Jermaine Guillaume - پیش 2 سال
no lie that was dope 😏
3kT.V. - پیش 2 سال
Jesus saves God is true and they love you John 3:16 go see his words he is true and the way, and he loves you you can't be separated don't be afraid God loves you
Internal R
Internal R - پیش 2 سال
Chris Beckham
Chris Beckham - پیش 2 سال
Dude I fuck with this so much🔥🔥🔥🔥
ethan wagner
ethan wagner - پیش 2 سال
if your looking for his new album "with Love" I've got the whole thing on my channel :)
Haris Burton
Haris Burton - پیش 2 سال
thanks for this
Joshua H
Joshua H - پیش 2 سال
Bruce's Beat Lab
Bruce's Beat Lab - پیش 2 سال
only one more day to go for the album to drop! :)
ira lewis
ira lewis - پیش 2 سال
On my life i get a chill listening to this shit everytime. Im a big Cole fan an Phora is almost just like dude but a west coast feel
11Babyade - پیش 2 سال
I love this song like I love the rest, they're all my favorite lol 😛😁
Tiana Sparacino
Tiana Sparacino - پیش 2 سال
MANNNNN this the Bass in this song!!!!!
Noel Torres
Noel Torres - پیش 2 سال
I like the beat it's very cool and catchy 🔊🖒👌
Some Roach
Some Roach - پیش 2 سال
y yall commenting he wont reply back so just listen to his music
Noma Flow
Noma Flow - پیش 2 سال
please check my content, I'm just trying to grow
Vj - پیش 2 سال
amazing, so calm, mellow and smooth
Emmanuel Santillan
Emmanuel Santillan - پیش 2 سال
I hope yall got to hear the song move too fast
Luis Lopez
Luis Lopez - پیش 2 سال
Why did you delete "move to fast"?
aurora drake
aurora drake - پیش 2 سال
he's so cut:)
aurora drake
aurora drake - پیش 2 سال
love u phora
PsykozisOfficial - پیش 2 سال
ChrisLanderos - پیش 2 سال
why did you delete move too fast?
DoVe Beats
DoVe Beats - پیش 2 سال
Your afraid of life bro life
adriana - پیش 2 سال
What happened to move too fast?
K Harris
K Harris - پیش 2 سال
i feel like he opens a differet state of mind, in my mind.
DIOMO 2X - پیش 2 سال
What happen to his video move too fast... Did he take it down??
Chickenbooty Licker
Chickenbooty Licker - پیش 2 سال
He removed move to fast but why phora
DizzyAaron - پیش 2 سال
Yo why did Ro James take down your newest video! I fuckin loved that song! Hope you get that shit sorted. Sending ya dome good vibes my friend.
Xsoe - پیش 2 سال
What happen to, Too fast?
Crystal Silva
Crystal Silva - پیش 2 سال
Does anyone else notice how his new song was removed?!? WTF?!?!? that was on my Constant replay now it's not
YEE gee GANG married to gang
YEE gee GANG married to gang - پیش 2 سال
phora why u delete the new song way to fast???
Silvino G
Silvino G - پیش 2 سال
What happened to the video?! Move to Fast?!?!?!?!
Junior - پیش 2 سال
Why did phora delete his song move too fast???
Nexcite Simic
Nexcite Simic - پیش 2 سال
he didnt take it down, copyright
superextremelaser - پیش 2 سال
this sounds like ass, i might as well start lighting my fuckin farts on fire and drinking my own pee and shit
Brotha e Films
Brotha e Films - پیش 2 سال
Eunice Valencia
Eunice Valencia - پیش 2 سال
This song gave me the motivation that I needed to fight my anxiety! Cuz it's true what the fuck am I afraid of ? 🙏🏻
KAZ CLEViiiR - پیش 2 سال
phora hell yeah!!!!! I'm wit this
Jakob Carson
Jakob Carson - پیش 2 سال
why does this song only have 260k views?? thats like nothing for what its worth
LaVirtue - پیش 2 سال
I don't get why people think someone's lying if they say they been here since like 2012 lmao, what they got to gain from it? Idek
Official Kyro
Official Kyro - پیش 2 سال
Hey Phora Id Really Like To Talk To You On Some Business Type Shit! Is There A Way I Can Get In Contact?
Nicole Romero
Nicole Romero - پیش 2 سال
Why is this not on iTunes 😭💖
FlatLinedGR - پیش 2 سال
Straight fire Phoraaaaaaaa It;s Lit baby wass uuuuuuuuuuuuuup!
Terry Walker
Terry Walker - پیش 2 سال
Your voices changes lives man don't stop YT
BonELEss PIZza
BonELEss PIZza - پیش 2 سال
been listening since 2013 I looooove phora music all relatable
Marisol Fuentes
Marisol Fuentes - پیش 2 سال
I'm only in middle school and I get what phora it going through
Angel Santos
Angel Santos - پیش 2 سال
I'm so late this is why school ruins my social life 💀 I'm normally so on top of phora's music but I'm like two weeks later now hearing these bangers
emily torres
emily torres - پیش 2 سال
Always on replay 24/7
Jasmine Martinez
Jasmine Martinez - پیش 2 سال
Been Rockin Since 2012 🙌🏽 I'm glad I started listening to PHORA❤️🙌🏽 YOURSTRULY FOREVER 🚀