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Smosh - پیش سال
Hey everyone - on Friday.
I'm hitting you guys with some FIRE. One of my fav vids. - Ian
Salma Ibrahim
Salma Ibrahim - پیش روز
why do you guys have to say bad words
Hey It's Kim
Hey It's Kim - پیش 4 روز
Brady Nelson
Brady Nelson - پیش 7 روز
Smosh did y’all rent a fuckin supermarket for this vid 😂😂😂
Iyaad - پیش 8 روز
shut up?
Gamer Kvs
Gamer Kvs - پیش 14 روز
Don’t care
Aldren - پیش 9 ساعت
Who watched this in the supermarket?
itz FroztyTk
itz FroztyTk - پیش 17 ساعت
4:16 to 4:29 he crashed so hard his skin color changed
Chocolate Nub
Chocolate Nub - پیش 19 ساعت
Was that a real credit card?!?!?
mohammed tahmid
mohammed tahmid - پیش 20 ساعت
Should I feel triggered by courtney's role in the opening scene
wait what?
wait what? - پیش 21 ساعت
where can i get those sticker that were in the first bit
Avin Sharma
Avin Sharma - پیش 2 روز
Last was so funny
Seneira Flores
Seneira Flores - پیش 2 روز
I'm in children hospital right now
Ahadur Rahman Alif
Ahadur Rahman Alif - پیش 2 روز
That cashier got "Employee of the month" award for being a cheapskate.
10,000 Subs With One Video Challange !
1:46 me and my friends when we steal
Ahadur Rahman Alif
Ahadur Rahman Alif - پیش 2 روز
That cashier must have internet problems for a month. That's why she's fulfilling her fantasies live.
DanceDummies - پیش 2 روز
Did anyone notice Keith turned white when he ran into the sidewalk
luigi and freinds
luigi and freinds - پیش 3 روز
It's funny when Tommy had a cart
luigi and freinds
luigi and freinds - پیش 3 روز
I'm sick today
Irfan Bruh
Irfan Bruh - پیش 3 روز
F..k you dog smith isss a particular dick of the most important butt
N.e.r.d Andrade
N.e.r.d Andrade - پیش 4 روز
Lol lucky good fourtne lol
Maya - پیش 5 روز
“they’re magically okay!”
Peter Parker
Peter Parker - پیش 6 روز
In America donating is just extra taxes
Kevin gammer tv Garcia
Kevin gammer tv Garcia - پیش 6 روز
Every dog ever
XVG_Ben Playz
XVG_Ben Playz - پیش 7 روز
k - پیش 7 روز
Notice how there’s no “SHUT UP!”

or Anthony
Jess Universe
Jess Universe - پیش 7 روز
Tommy suddenly became white 😂😂😂
Anime Girl
Anime Girl - پیش 7 روز
The last skit is the kid is black but whean he falls he turns white 😂
Greg Greg
Greg Greg - پیش 9 روز
Good luck totems
Objects that signify good fortune, they're magically okay!
ButterPlayz_YT - پیش 9 روز
1:48 are we going to appreciate the generic brand items they had to make
HeygamerXD 101
HeygamerXD 101 - پیش 11 روز
At 0:40 why was she wearing a scarf that just gives me a bad vibe for some reason
TheJumpingBunny - پیش 11 روز
Holy shit he turned white
BackZ - پیش 11 روز
4:16 You may be adopted
ShalevDa Boss
ShalevDa Boss - پیش 13 روز
In the beginning of thsi video I saw a 6 second commercial about a dog and a cat staring only at a chameleon
Erick Madera
Erick Madera - پیش 13 روز
That POS is the absolute worst.
Breanna Armstrong
Breanna Armstrong - پیش 13 روز
They used a white dummy for Keith😂
Daniela Delcid
Daniela Delcid - پیش 13 روز
4:30 he was a whole different skin color lmao
cameron vanmeter
cameron vanmeter - پیش 13 روز
Archie Gamer
Archie Gamer - پیش 13 روز
Thank lan lve u
Archie Gamer
Archie Gamer - پیش 13 روز
Zalcry - پیش 14 روز
The bread squeeze at 3:15 got my crying
Several Seconds of Streamers
Several Seconds of Streamers - پیش 14 روز
Tommy beat the black out of himself
ImYellowMan123 - پیش 14 روز
laze talkies cheetoes. perfect names. even better than the originals!
Amber’s Angels
Amber’s Angels - پیش 15 روز
You should do every bar ever or every kfc ever
simba the bearded dragon
simba the bearded dragon - پیش 15 روز
Love the reference
Cacti Bros
Cacti Bros - پیش 16 روز
Well doesn’t everyone hate sick children? U guys meant she loves sick children? (Not hater just confused)
Kaden Escala
Kaden Escala - پیش 17 روز
Kim MSP - پیش 18 روز
gimbo hernaez
gimbo hernaez - پیش 18 روز
1:43 these little green fleks?
jheck624 - پیش 19 روز
Commodore TV
Commodore TV - پیش 19 روز
0:03 - 0:42 Imagine if that happened in real life.
Zapum Playz
Zapum Playz - پیش 19 روز
3:33Pay attention to what this guy says it literally makes no sense
Amy Leon
Amy Leon - پیش 20 روز
👵🏻mmm too soft👵🏻
LucarioFanGirl 2.0's Backup Channel
4:15 to 4:29 My favorite part!😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
NO 1237878
NO 1237878 - پیش 21 روز
The non donater was buying good luck totems. 0:25
Doggo - پیش 22 روز
Lol the taki's are talkies
Leonora Simpson
Leonora Simpson - پیش 22 روز
McLloydWebber - پیش 23 روز
You can actually see a stunt double if you pause the video at exactly 4:25
keatan chandla
keatan chandla - پیش 24 روز
1:22 i would like to be payed to take it
Then throw it away and get free money
Nasty Kitty Cat
Nasty Kitty Cat - پیش 24 روز
It’s been years but I just realised that this was like the first Smosh video that doesn’t have that intro
Jackao Gamer
Jackao Gamer - پیش 26 روز
Do every KFC ever
Fortnite Mobile
Fortnite Mobile - پیش 28 روز
Yamseen - پیش 28 روز
Brooke Singh
Brooke Singh - پیش 28 روز
DaricDark - پیش 29 روز
The one about donating to sick children is too true
jonah parker
jonah parker - پیش 29 روز
of course it decclined bc it was wet
Bob Chignons
Bob Chignons - پیش 29 روز
Riley emerson
4:24 it’s a manaquin
DannyW075 - پیش ماه
1:05 on Courtneys badge it said Riley Emerson
gamer 45
gamer 45 - پیش ماه
Shame shame shameeeee
pLandy - پیش ماه
I don't think pouring only half of the milk saves space.
helloitzmeYT - پیش ماه
There is no such thing as a bad smosh video.
J Jay
J Jay - پیش ماه
3:06 is so true
xXxRacoonDudexXx - پیش ماه
I got a supermarket ad before this 😂
Maheen - Fortnite
Maheen - Fortnite - پیش ماه
Every NBA Game Ever
The Odd Oof Out
The Odd Oof Out - پیش ماه
This why I go to WalMart.
Turnip Time
Turnip Time - پیش ماه
Anyone 2018? Yes I did like my own comment cuz I’m lonely!
Plz like!
Sarin Vitee
Sarin Vitee - پیش ماه
Can you do every nanny ever
The Best fish !!!
The Best fish !!! - پیش ماه
At 2:14 think of everything sexually, that’s where I think they got those wordings from
Areel Pervez
Areel Pervez - پیش ماه
1:53 me at costco
Jared Perez
Jared Perez - پیش ماه
what was that new show with the dog???
Dead shock Productions
Dead shock Productions - پیش ماه
4:28 tommy changed skin color
KawaiiAlert - پیش ماه
Ivan GGd
Ivan GGd - پیش ماه
2:23 Nintendo switch cartridges in a nutshell
Bruce Juice
Bruce Juice - پیش ماه
Tommy hit the sidewall so hard he became white
Liza Zhdanova
Liza Zhdanova - پیش ماه
That's literally what i do with the samples all the time😂
nawin shi
nawin shi - پیش ماه
More wtf
nawin shi
nawin shi - پیش ماه
wtf was the beggining
NitroNinja - پیش ماه
4:24 u can see that’s it’s a dummy
David Omosa
David Omosa - پیش ماه
How about every Wendy’s ever
George Li
George Li - پیش ماه
He said she HATES sick children. I think they meant she loves sick children
Cayden Lane
Cayden Lane - پیش ماه
So funny
JaypostsRBLX - پیش ماه
What a savage madlad
Ruben Wong
Ruben Wong - پیش ماه
At least the baguette didnt fall
James Arthur C Quilantang
James Arthur C Quilantang - پیش ماه
There better be a yodeling kid
Rebel Greninja
Rebel Greninja - پیش ماه
And that's how i got away from the cops children
Wait wha...? So you turned white?
Ya racist mothafaka
Bob Doe
Bob Doe - پیش ماه
1:51 the plate doesnt have anything on it when he runs down the hall
Kaden Escala
Kaden Escala - پیش ماه
GunsolKyle - پیش ماه
1:53 I experience this everyday at CDS.
Genki Draws
Genki Draws - پیش ماه
the kid at the end wears the clothes abby lincoln wears
Gacha Jessi
Gacha Jessi - پیش ماه
4:16 4:23 hmmmm
Christina and Sofia Gacha
Christina and Sofia Gacha - پیش ماه
My coke taste like juice for some reason
pixiexdgf - پیش ماه
Please do kpop ever 🙏🏻
Adi Ulakovic
Adi Ulakovic - پیش ماه
Me at 1:38eating free food at Costco and realizing ohh wait it is free
VorTex Emalava
VorTex Emalava - پیش ماه
I would never donate XD it wastes my money