First Look: Google's Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL Hands On | WIRED

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Rhonda M
Rhonda M - پیش 6 روز
I can't find my screenshots and downloads. I hate this phone.
Amanpreet singh Brar
Amanpreet singh Brar - پیش 15 روز
I have bought pixel 1&2 although I enjoyed the android in original form but I am dissatisfied by Google pixels hardware both time never buying pixel again
Sujoy Bera
Sujoy Bera - پیش 17 روز
where is your sister
Nitesh Dodeja
Nitesh Dodeja - پیش ماه
Do a v/s video of iPhone and pixel
Nick Donnelly
Nick Donnelly - پیش ماه
Your verge twin videos were so much better - and you seemed so much happier!
Shrimp Poboy
Shrimp Poboy - پیش ماه
That notch looks like a face. Can't unsee it now. Lol.
Stimson Romano
Stimson Romano - پیش ماه
A really great review.... Thank you
Scott Wallace
Scott Wallace - پیش ماه
I miss Lauren on the Verge, but glad she's doing well over here! Good video!
LORDE 2729
LORDE 2729 - پیش ماه
i would have definitely asked her out for a drink.
Bruce John Shourt
Bruce John Shourt - پیش ماه
Please stop using the deceptive marketing practice of "9" , "99", or "999". When quoting prices, round up to the nearest "00" as in $100, $1,000 etc. This practice has been used by the tech editors of the New York Times and Consumer Reports and should be the style standard for all reporting for consumers. And, don’t say that’s inaccurate. With applicable taxes and any possible additional shipping cost the price is actually much higher than the rounded up $1.
illuminati World
illuminati World - پیش ماه
She is cute
alex skavronsky
alex skavronsky - پیش ماه
Wait, u longer at verge?!
MatnyV - پیش ماه
The Pixel 3 camera is amazing, seriously and I'm an Apple fan. The quality of the pictures is crazy!!!
Habib Islam
Habib Islam - پیش ماه
Ahem... Machine learning and AI are not mutually exclusive!
Dichico21 - پیش ماه
Did she leave the Verge?
Ruben Moreno Jr
Ruben Moreno Jr - پیش ماه
It doesn't have 2 wide lense cameras on the front. One wide lense and one normal.
Ganesh Palande
Ganesh Palande - پیش ماه
Hi...great video...
Can you please do video on differences between pixel 2 vs pixel 3 in terms hardware as well as software?
JS - پیش ماه
Excellent review Lauren!
Darby Martinez
Darby Martinez - پیش ماه
Last year's pixel had aluminum not plastic. IDK how she even said that.
Augusto Henrique Lee
Augusto Henrique Lee - پیش ماه
Google: How can we get people's attention?
Tyler Tryon
Tyler Tryon - پیش ماه
The price is not in line with last years phones...... The Pixel 2 was 650 as opposed to the pixel 3 being 799..... thats a 23% increase.... The camera has some cool features and the wireless charging is good, but it still doesn't have a headphone jack and the Pixel 2 made its usb-c not compatible with a lot of 3rd party adapters, meaning that it was really hard to find a decently priced replacement adapter for the headphones when we know that 90% of us are going to lose that thing and that kinda pissed me off. Not being compatible with third party hardware is one of the reasons (out of many) that I hate Apple, so that was a major fail IMO. I would assume that the Pixel 3 is the same.
King Habsan
King Habsan - پیش ماه
mom, can u give me one of your pixel 3 please? i really so poor
Toney M.
Toney M. - پیش ماه
The pixel felt like metal with a coating because that what it was. I liked it. Silly humans.
Debra Dukes
Debra Dukes - پیش ماه
Awesome review really enjoyed.Glad you showed the devices off and while in the stand.Appreciate it.But really looking forward to catching all the features and Sound test.Thanks so much really enjoyed Deb 👍✌
Kingslayer - پیش ماه
She was cuter on The Verge.
Alpha is hecking gucci
Alpha is hecking gucci - پیش ماه
Why are people complaining so much about notch? Why Not just get the smaller version that doesn't have the notch? Unless I heard wrong, but I'm sure she said the Pixel 3 XL has a notch. The smaller version is also cheaper
X Girl
X Girl - پیش ماه
who answers call anymore? Anyone that knows you texts...
Usama Ahmad
Usama Ahmad - پیش ماه
Just a comment on the video itself, audio seems muted, the sound production needs to be looked at.
Bryan M
Bryan M - پیش ماه
Anybody in the comments capable of thinking for themselves.... 😐
MystiKaiL - پیش ماه
I struggled to concentrate because of the beautiful lady.
Mayank Gulia
Mayank Gulia - پیش ماه
Wasn't she with the verge?
Andrew Miller
Andrew Miller - پیش ماه
Call screening is a feature that has existed in some capacity for years in Google Voice. You shouldn't enable it if you think that it'll save you time. It won't save you time. Everyone you know will complain in person without end that you call screened them.
I wish she did a "hands on" review on my XL. :)
Dane L
Dane L - پیش ماه
Its hideous absolutely hideous
MEDiAgamer - پیش ماه
I hope it's better than the 1st Gen pixel that I had... That phone was absolute garbage.
Raphael - پیش ماه
The screen is supposed to be top notch 😆 Also why is your skirt on backwards?
Stacy & Thomas
Stacy & Thomas - پیش ماه
Do you know if the Pixel 3 works better with Android Auto? I know I am not the only person that has issues with AA.
Anthony Rossetti
Anthony Rossetti - پیش ماه
Last year they gave me 400.00 for a trade in. This year it's 300. So I'm not upgrading til the 4. I'm getting my money's worth out of this 2xl lol
NoneOfYourBusiness - پیش ماه
I wanted to see features about the phone, not a 6 1/2 minute ad for a camera. Disliked.
Kingof 9x
Kingof 9x - پیش ماه
I miss the argument videos she did with herself for the verge.
Christian Candler
Christian Candler - پیش ماه
Nice for google to let Oscar Isaac get a look at the Pixel 3 at 3:47
Cerra Reyes
Cerra Reyes - پیش ماه
They should just call the XP
the Pixel "L"
Hanzo main
Hanzo main - پیش ماه
Props to whoever named the colours
nate120 - پیش ماه
I almost hate that notch as much as I hate watching Lauren without her twin.
Duilio Pintagro
Duilio Pintagro - پیش ماه
Good, worth a look
The Truth
The Truth - پیش ماه
They just do everything apple does but worse
rainy D
rainy D - پیش ماه
It has a stupid notch though...😒
RodneyArt Design
RodneyArt Design - پیش ماه
Lauren Goode... I watch anything she makes. So beautiful!!
Deepesh Singh
Deepesh Singh - پیش ماه
Vas Talks
Vas Talks - پیش ماه
Didn't know you left verge :( miss your twin comparison videos.
LordManhattan - پیش ماه
Wait, Lauren is with Wired now? Thanks for telling me, like... jeez 😆
Lord Rixuel
Lord Rixuel - پیش ماه
I predict Pixel 3 will have more sale than Pixel 3 XL :P
Joel Zerr
Joel Zerr - پیش ماه
Lauren Goode only makes good videos. How is it possible? I don't know. I don't care.
Saeed Mousaei
Saeed Mousaei - پیش ماه
Samsung running a party now, design wise worst google phone ever.
Antony O.
Antony O. - پیش ماه
Dam notch... but love the spam filter!!
Chassie Loh
Chassie Loh - پیش ماه
Woman did review of tech no thanks
joe B
joe B - پیش ماه
what notch! i can't see it could they make it a little bit bigger?
Mohammed khan
Mohammed khan - پیش ماه
Thanks for making video with less time.
Thanh Nguyen
Thanh Nguyen - پیش ماه
Pretty much the S version of the pixel.
Vladimir Pejić
Vladimir Pejić - پیش ماه
Not even Lauren can make that notch look better, sorry Google.
Anthony S
Anthony S - پیش ماه
Where is your twin sister?!?
Mr Shax
Mr Shax - پیش ماه
That notch Is so conspicuous, what were they thinking?
Mark Lee
Mark Lee - پیش ماه
i thought u were with the verge....
Adam Gordon
Adam Gordon - پیش ماه
Who already pre-ordered?😉
Akron Ohio
Akron Ohio - پیش ماه
Without that notch, Pixel xl is the best looking phone out. The back of it is such a nice design. The single camera lens is the way to go. Doesn't look like an ugly robot with 20 camera lens.
haro wilson
haro wilson - پیش ماه
OMG! That notch just keep staring at me!!
haro wilson
haro wilson - پیش ماه
OMG! That notch just keep staring at me!!
Chris Dallas Dualped
Chris Dallas Dualped - پیش ماه
Show us some 4K footage against some other flagships or even on it's own and some photos of anything a variety is good enough why all you guys cover the same crap is beyond me we know the features do something different for once..
Saransh Chaudhary
Saransh Chaudhary - پیش ماه
I'm getting a phone but I don't know which one to get! Here in canada the pixel 3 costs $1000 CAD and the IPhone XR will cost $1030 CAD so basically the same price and I love iOS but I love the features on the pixel. I don't know which one to get!!!!!!!
Nirudha Perera
Nirudha Perera - پیش ماه
What's the increase in effective screen real estate? Looks like the big cutout means you effectively gain only the pixels lost to the status bar which is much thinner than the cutout.
André Bertel
André Bertel - پیش ماه
*just something about the notch*
...come on.. look past that
blipzey - پیش ماه
I missed her twin
renato kola
renato kola - پیش ماه
Anyone that likes the pixel please just buy the small one. If none of the pixel xl sells maby thay will get the point.
the Pomarva
the Pomarva - پیش ماه
I like that pixel 3
Emily Bradley
Emily Bradley - پیش ماه
I'm looking for an update for my original Pixel because I've loved this phone so much and it's lasted really well. I know there's a lot of conversation around the notch, but honestly I stoked about the edge to edge screen on the smaller model. XL phones are a tad too big for me, so I'm chuffed about the design updates on the smaller size.
Bitch Cunt daddy
Bitch Cunt daddy - پیش ماه
That notch makes my brain hurt
Reymond Gopog
Reymond Gopog - پیش ماه
What an ugly notch.... PASS!
The SmartPhone
The SmartPhone - پیش ماه
W-_-T - پیش ماه
No one is buying these things..
Crypt0Knight - پیش ماه
That notch is ugly af, at least apples is aesthetically pleasing.
Kenneth Tom
Kenneth Tom - پیش ماه
That voice, please.
Joshua Goose
Joshua Goose - پیش ماه
Who cares about pixel... It's only on VZW...
Chris Eckman
Chris Eckman - پیش ماه
That notch though on the XL, I might just go for the smaller one.
Aneesh Ramaswami
Aneesh Ramaswami - پیش ماه
Where's your twin Lauren :D
Timothy Juvent
Timothy Juvent - پیش ماه
who else watching this with 1st gen pixel? 😁
Echo - پیش ماه
Just bought the Pixel 2 Xl with no notch.
Gregory Puryear
Gregory Puryear - پیش ماه
All these jokes about Pixel 3 are “ Notch “ funny! 😂😂😂
Ian - پیش ماه
"Industrial design pedigree as apple"... Ah yes apple, the company that sells cheap Chinese products for thousands of dollars, that's industrial.
Mojo Tech
Mojo Tech - پیش ماه
A call saying you're late on your mortgage is kinda legitimate 😂😂😂😂
Adrian Falkirk
Adrian Falkirk - پیش ماه
Omg another flagship made
By google,this phone has best camera i ever seen😀😀😀
Khaz George
Khaz George - پیش ماه
I liked it
schalazeal07 - پیش ماه
I'm excited to get my hands on this bad boy.. the software and AI kinda redeemed the notch for me.. the saggy titty notch is notch a big deal for me now but i'll just have to wait and see
Dushyant Bhati
Dushyant Bhati - پیش ماه
The notch is bigger than the rainforests we have left on earth
Raphael Insigne
Raphael Insigne - پیش ماه
im literally just here for lauren goode im sorry
Aaron Rebarchek
Aaron Rebarchek - پیش ماه
Lauren is the best in the game. A+ Wired.
LucenProject - پیش ماه
lol. 5:11 "You're late on your mortgage!"... Reject.
But the dentist is legitimate.
Darrell Dennis
Darrell Dennis - پیش ماه
Always enjoy your videos Lauren. Like most successful youtube personalities; you have that certain je ne sais quoi!
ROGUE NATION - پیش ماه
i am a pixel 2 user and honestly i am satisfied with its performance thus far , i also owned pixel 1 and it didn't disappoint me either. So i have high hopes for the 3rd generation , i see people in the comments complaining about the notch which is a fair argument but personally it does not bother me much ,i wont judge it by its appearance till i see it upfront in person , its always more than what meets the eye u see. And being someone who is pursuing a course in cinematography i find pixel camera rather effective and efficient . So lets not rush to conclusion but instead hope for the best. And if notch is so much of a problem you can always go for the smaller one . i hope this helps
U - پیش ماه
I know and you know, but when I see Lauren Goode I like
1000 subs with no black children
hey, that's a pretty big creator of minecraft