Film Theory: Thanos Was RIGHT!! (Avengers Infinity War)

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Salaar Rabbani
Salaar Rabbani - پیش ساعت
super elite pro
super elite pro - پیش 3 ساعت
So the snap is happening because of the elders fault .
S Thompson
S Thompson - پیش 3 ساعت
Thanos has to be wrong about what caused his planets downfall. Starlord notes everything about thanos's planet is out of wack. If our planet went 10 degrees off its axial tilt and geavity was fluxiating wildly we would go extinct to. That seems to be a hint that something else caused thanos's people to go extinct.
Dragon Ritterstein
Dragon Ritterstein - پیش 4 ساعت
Every brillant Plan sounds crazy to you if your mind wasn‘t smart enough to accept that the Brillant Plan will work
Dragon Ritterstein
Dragon Ritterstein - پیش 4 ساعت
It means:When somebody is a Genius and make Plan that is great but needs a lot of Change and you call him crazy ,you‘re stupid
Dragon Ritterstein
Dragon Ritterstein - پیش 4 ساعت
Or something like that you say!
Pablo Sebastian Mas
Pablo Sebastian Mas - پیش 5 ساعت
thanos is terrible as a character in this movie
Daniel Shields
Daniel Shields - پیش 7 ساعت
he was right, you must aim for the head.
Absurd Gaming
Absurd Gaming - پیش 10 ساعت
Im with Thanos 101%
Cat Sama
Cat Sama - پیش 10 ساعت
After this I watched urinetown it wasn't that bad
VoiD - پیش 11 ساعت
Logan Paul should be erased from Multiverse.
Sasuke Sasuke
Sasuke Sasuke - پیش 12 ساعت
Fuck off
ThimpleTheory Gaming and More
ThimpleTheory Gaming and More - پیش 14 ساعت
Thanos the human purple yeezy
és correcto
Panagiotis Ampatzis
Panagiotis Ampatzis - پیش 16 ساعت
Hey moron, the white countries in planet earth have a fertility under 2 meaning they are not overpopulating the planet like crazy. Many asian countries also follow that rule. In the meantime in Africa and Middle east they have a fertility rate of 5+. So it is fair to wipe half the planet? Not to mention with technology and automation you can bypass all the problems of overpopulation.
Connor Cole
Connor Cole - پیش 17 ساعت
Why did he leave Jake Paul
Danyay - پیش 21 ساعت
Mr. Hippo
Mr. Hippo - پیش 21 ساعت
One day we will be past 12 billion people but by that time hopefully we will be able to go to other planets
Oh_heckk - پیش 21 ساعت
That’s another reason thanos is such a popular villain because he’s right
Kai x ninja
Kai x ninja - پیش 22 ساعت
Why spare Jake Paul and kill Logan Paul and ALI-A
meee e
meee e - پیش 23 ساعت
Jake Rosen
Jake Rosen - پیش روز
8:59 WTF is wrong with South America?
me notyu
me notyu - پیش روز
that last point was my thought. the universe is made up of matter. protons and neutrons that can simply be reorganized to make most of dead matter useful too life and suddenly the billions of years of life trying to survive in a universe where the vast majority of it is unusable, now could go on for trillions of years without ever scaling back.
Delta Frost
Delta Frost - پیش روز
Nnnnnooooooooooooooooooo!!! Not vsauce 3
Allie May
Allie May - پیش روز
Gamer Puppet
Gamer Puppet - پیش روز
Toddz Valerie
Toddz Valerie - پیش روز
The problem I had with infinity war was that no one was willing to sacrifice a loved one for the greater good(except mr grape kool aid over here) If Gatorade let her sister die, or scarlet witch let vision die then thanks wouldn’t have access to the stones in the first place. Like a lot of other movies they purposely make stupid choices to lengthen the run time.
Toddz Valerie
Toddz Valerie - پیش روز
I swear I didn’t mean to call her Gatorade. I meant gamora. I’m laughing my ass off.
JohnyWindsock - پیش روز
Ty Kell
Ty Kell - پیش روز
If only Ali a really did go... 😔
Louie Alvarado
Louie Alvarado - پیش روز
You mean T H A N O S

the grape
Cyclopsblast - پیش روز
Here is a good question. How is the war infinite?
Cyclopsblast - پیش روز
A theory Hitler was correct? Or any other dictator or disease actually or sort of killed off a race.
Doodle Lol
Doodle Lol - پیش روز
6:18 I would rather just have permanently piss-wet pants
I do whatever it takes to save money
mohammad safi
mohammad safi - پیش روز
Alexander Hamilton
Alexander Hamilton - پیش روز
C&S Productions
C&S Productions - پیش روز
hey mat he didn't double everything cause he did it for death herself in the comic so he killed or turned everyone into dust
YORE UGLEH - پیش روز
Stupid thought i had in mind
If Thanos didn't think about doubling ressources, maybe he knew that the "infinity" gauntlet couldn't put such power to either destroy or double things
Never watched the movie so i have no idea how the gauntlet works
Dark Ace
Dark Ace - پیش روز
Ayy Urinetown
Rafay Siddiqui
Rafay Siddiqui - پیش روز
Why spare VSAUSE!!!

Vsause guy: Or did he?
Maks Wojcinowicz
Maks Wojcinowicz - پیش روز
You forget about few things, if you kill half of population you have HUGE probability to kill a lot of ppl that are necessary for humanity to survive, medical staff, law enforcers, politicans that make treates like NATO and UN that keep world nostly in peace, engineers that run nuclear power plants, by killing those people you can actually send humanity back a few ages of technological process, not to mention trauma of losing your close ones, most of people would have a lot of problems trying to live with that kind of experience, by killing half of humanity, you push humanity into anarchy, war, massive ptsd and insanity problem and nuclear power plant explosions, no būeno.
Kandarp Gautam
Kandarp Gautam - پیش روز
NARW - پیش روز
but in marvel universe stark made an infinite energy and nano machine that can make anything 8 resources
Chris Auer
Chris Auer - پیش روز
yeah but.. population is growing way to quickly for this to make a long term difference, seriously.
Chris Auer
Chris Auer - پیش روز
also you can blame the baby boom on the inflated birth rates betwee 1950 and 1955. it's after the war, people are recovering, they feel it's safe to have kids again, boom, lot's of babies.
Nikhil Goel
Nikhil Goel - پیش روز
double everything? whats the fun in it?
Jeri Shaffer
Jeri Shaffer - پیش روز
But there’s no such thing as random
Lonnie Talks
Lonnie Talks - پیش روز
9:14 What is a point sixth of a child
OddBall - پیش 2 روز
All my friends told me I was crazy when I told them this Just Kidding I don’t have friends! 😂 😂😂😢😢😭😭😭
meteor07 - پیش 2 روز
what was the music used in this video called?
Kubeis - پیش 2 روز
6:05 Urinetown is a fantastic underrated musical that everyone should watch.
Bob the Yeti
Bob the Yeti - پیش 2 روز
5:55. 7.3 mil MatPat?
MrGuestium - پیش 2 روز
the real theory is: its movie magic.
ExplosiveBalls - پیش 2 روز
I dont know if i should be happy that im smarter and more tolerant than the 16000 people that disliked this video or if i should be sad there are this many idiots.
Dr Manchild
Dr Manchild - پیش 2 روز
Why can’t he just make infinite resources?
suryakumar Selvakumar
suryakumar Selvakumar - پیش 2 روز
Honestly I would support Thanos if he was real. We really need a balance. And I don't really care if I die coz in the movie he promised a painless death, just fading into the air. And if I survive I would be happy. ITS JUST AN OPINION chill
Grafight23 - پیش 2 روز
Thanos is right but for a different reason. Any advanced civilization will eventually artificially remove death. But death is necessary. Without it life will expand unchecked to fill every corner of the universe until all resources are gone, then it will turn on itself, creating a nightmarish existence were the fighting will never end and the most aggressive and predatory organisms will thrive. With it, there's loss, grief, introspection, repentance, growth, honoring of heroes, love of of ancestors who sacrificed themselves for the good of future generations, soberness of purpose and resolve to become better. Instead of loving the incarnation of death, Thanos becomes it, saving life from itself. In the end, life is the villain and death is the hero. But only Thanos (and apparently Tony) know that.
jourmomma - پیش 2 روز
Why is your voice super squeaky in this video? Super annoyjng
wildcats1369 - پیش 2 روز
Reducing the population was always correct economically but morally if the power was given to you will you actually do it? The is the issue with the malthusian theory it suggest carving the population but who can actually do it.
The Reaper's Files
The Reaper's Files - پیش 3 روز
And this just prove a worldwide purge is need it to save the world.
Purr - پیش 3 روز
Hey I want to see the musical don’t assume
Sythem Sammich
Sythem Sammich - پیش 3 روز
Birdy - پیش 3 روز
I actually watched Urine Town. I enjoyed it, but they kinda started murdering the upper class (aside from officer Lofstock)
Crimson Excalibur
Crimson Excalibur - پیش 3 روز
Thanos Ideals were almost similar to Pains.
They both wanted to end conflict by using pain, only sparing the strong to make them know of their mistakes.
f a l s e h o o d
f a l s e h o o d - پیش 3 روز
mr matt?
i don't feel so good-
Mad Jack
Mad Jack - پیش 3 روز
your really know how to talk for half an hour without saying anything wtf
Mad Jack
Mad Jack - پیش 3 روز
stop the cringy shit bro it makes it hard to go back to your channel
Damien Parker
Damien Parker - پیش 3 روز
Off Broadway Jack Kelly
Off Broadway Jack Kelly - پیش 4 روز
bad time trio
bad time trio - پیش 4 روز
I'm the king of squirrels
Blake Hartong
Blake Hartong - پیش 4 روز
Just realized this was on my birthday day
aly zafer
aly zafer - پیش 4 روز
I forgot he was talking about in infinity war at right about 8:34
GamerKid11 - پیش 4 روز
The fact that Dr Strange could've just froze time then took off the gauntlet makes me so salty.
Tokie Games
Tokie Games - پیش 4 روز
lol thanos cannot snap his fingers right 🤣
Bárður Joensen
Bárður Joensen - پیش 4 روز
But the world economy would crash and power vacuums would open up everywhere. It would be absolute mayhem for many years. Would probably take decades for things to stabilize.
Florin Aron
Florin Aron - پیش 4 روز
Dude...when you have 2 dont double your numbers...because you have them with a if 2 people, a man and a woman, have 2 kids, the numbers stay constant. The problem is with those cultures in witch couples have many kids : example: India
Kyle Chapman
Kyle Chapman - پیش 4 روز
Now listen here with all the stones in the gauntlet thanos could have created another universe as a part of a multiverse and then sent half of all life to that universe
Linkanator - پیش 4 روز
Casper Sthyr
Casper Sthyr - پیش 4 روز
If matpat Got the gauntlet he would propaly
Robbierobot99 xd
Robbierobot99 xd - پیش 4 روز
4:30 when I ate your Doritos
LivsLife Vlogs
LivsLife Vlogs - پیش 5 روز
if he killed half of all life equally, not discriminating, and this includes plants and animals, then the ratio stays the same more or less. it wasn’t smart now there are just less people who now have less food
thym3. ing
thym3. ing - پیش 5 روز
ok but urinetown is a fantastic musical
Animations 300
Animations 300 - پیش 5 روز
ok now i want half of my roommates out
Shadowpastcool - پیش 5 روز
4:30 Ah! Kill him with fire!
Clip Boss
Clip Boss - پیش 5 روز
Why didn't Thanos make more resources? Because then there would be more population. Overpopulation in fact. More people to eat, and fight over the resources. More resources to kill each other with.
Mark Perez
Mark Perez - پیش 5 روز
Emil Georgiev
Emil Georgiev - پیش 5 روز
It's good to know that so many people are all up for genocide. One more reason to be rooting for the aliens when they finally show up on Earth and wipe out humanity.
Reece Samuel
Reece Samuel - پیش 5 روز
Thanos for president
Shyan Ang
Shyan Ang - پیش 5 روز
I just thought about it and like if there were only half of the planet wouldn’t there only be half the planet to grow and make and collect resources for that half the planet so the current resources will keep them ok for a while but after a while it’ll just run out and back to square 1 ? Does that make sense idk
Lawrence Mercurio
Lawrence Mercurio - پیش 5 روز
And thor kill him
Lawrence Mercurio
Lawrence Mercurio - پیش 5 روز
Thanos snap his finger
Farron Wong
Farron Wong - پیش 5 روز
Clickbait title. The title says Thanos was right, but in the end game theory says Thanos isn’t right.
Who really Cares
Who really Cares - پیش 5 روز
I just have to say, Quill screwed everyone over. Not that I mind, Quill is amazing :D
Shih Town
Shih Town - پیش 5 روز
His reaction is much more understandable than Thanos's
Maria Cecilia
Maria Cecilia - پیش 5 روز
Thanos halved twice some populations he already halved before the snap... and surely doomed some species to extinction. There's no balance on that.
Jonny Maddrell
Jonny Maddrell - پیش 6 روز
75 million people died during the Black Death
Zach 101
Zach 101 - پیش 6 روز
Couldn’t thanos just make infinite recourses
V Lad Gaming
V Lad Gaming - پیش 6 روز
Superman and Batman could kill thanos like nothing thanos is weak just like marvel hero’s beside, Spider-Man, punisher
Darkseid is a stronger then thanos and he’s a god
ALargeHamster - پیش 6 روز
Thanos the mad grape
Coldsnake23 - پیش 6 روز
Thanos car
mo owot
mo owot - پیش 6 روز
the russo brothers did confirm that ALL life forms were affected by the snap, so if that includes plants and animals, thanos technically did nothing for us
kjfd fs4
kjfd fs4 - پیش 6 روز
Holy shit her thanos voice is so shit why did you let her do it beta-male cuck
-AwesomeWTK -
-AwesomeWTK - - پیش 6 روز

Boom smart
Naruto The mlg gamer
Naruto The mlg gamer - پیش 6 روز
But every second don’t someone die
Luismine10 - پیش 6 روز
Funny how when I was young I didn't know wat mat was saying and now I'm in highschool and now I know wats he talking about
MoonDaily MoonDaily
MoonDaily MoonDaily - پیش 6 روز
Sooo you want to do the same thing that thanos did?