Phora - The One For You [Official Music Video]

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Guillermo - پیش 7 روز
Fucking classic.
Andrea Delacruz
Andrea Delacruz - پیش 23 روز
"I'll always love you but I'm just not in love anymore "😢💔👎
Anthony Beyale
Anthony Beyale - پیش ماه
I'm watching this in 2018🔥🔥🔥
Ashley Rodriguez
Ashley Rodriguez - پیش 3 ماه
"It's crazy how we love people that hurt us and hurt people we love" I felt that!!!
Gherbo Galvan
Gherbo Galvan - پیش 3 ماه
Still fuck with all this! Takes me back ...💯💯💯💯💯🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Emilyjstallion Stallion
Emilyjstallion Stallion - پیش 5 ماه
Damnn baee
Susie :D
Susie :D - پیش 5 ماه
Mm ta madre 💔
quackqauck 4
quackqauck 4 - پیش 5 ماه
honestly this song is what explains me so much right now and it is such a good song
Nicole Nicole
Nicole Nicole - پیش 6 ماه
jordan ladd
jordan ladd - پیش 6 ماه
The only thing I did wrong was not being the guy she wanted.( No I didn't cheat) At the time and still is dealing with mental health issues but never told or did anything about effected me to where i can't be loved or will be by anyone. So I stay the loser I am.
ISAI - پیش 6 ماه
sound lke the og phora that I love!!! bro these vibes are best
LIVING PROOF - پیش 7 ماه
classic yo!
STARISE SUN - پیش 7 ماه
Daaaaaamn!!!!"It's hard to give love when it's love you never felt...It's crazy how we love people that hurt us and hurt people we love"Yooo that shit hit me right in my core.The feels he's too real
jordan valencia
jordan valencia - پیش 7 ماه
Literally relate to every song you make.
Yafavgirl _45
Yafavgirl _45 - پیش 7 ماه
Bro the first song I listened from phora was I think I love you and I got hooked like phora is literally life
California Boy
California Boy - پیش 7 ماه
I needa work with this fool or got some shit he can rap cause I got a pain deeper than silence
Hunter D
Hunter D - پیش 8 ماه
still listening to the older ones man
BigStan - پیش 8 ماه
*It's crazy how we love the people that hurt us*
*and how we hurt the people that love us*
Karhlyle 267
Karhlyle 267 - پیش 8 ماه
man i hate that some this stuff is true to some people
Daisy Aguilar
Daisy Aguilar - پیش 8 ماه
I miss my baby daddy FUCK!!
Alexander Hoerler
Alexander Hoerler - پیش 9 ماه
God u have the best music!!
JoeDaddy - پیش 9 ماه
“It’s crazy how we love people that hurt and hurt people we love”
Raym fivetwelve
Raym fivetwelve - پیش 10 ماه
this is my going home on the freeway track everyday
Marisol Meza
Marisol Meza - پیش 10 ماه
Love the way u example your feelings😍
Michael Spurlock
Michael Spurlock - پیش 10 ماه
Holy shit....his songs are all fire. Glad I accidentally picked a video of his lmfao
Zack Peters
Zack Peters - پیش 10 ماه
The intro sounds like tokimonsta's gamble
Jessica Lopez
Jessica Lopez - پیش 10 ماه
Jocelyne - پیش 10 ماه
Who else still crying to these songs in 2k18 😕
Geneva Treino nice
Geneva Treino nice - پیش 10 ماه
America Barron
America Barron - پیش 10 ماه
I get nervous listening to this song because a year ago whenever I would hear this song I would just cry and cry so muchh, i wish things were different but it's all about what gods wants and has in store for us.. A year later I listen to this song and I still get that feeling. ❤😪😖
Guillermo Buendia
Guillermo Buendia - پیش 10 ماه
Still bumping Here in 2018🔥🔥🔥💯💯💯💯💯
Mario Mendes
Mario Mendes - پیش 10 ماه
2018 🔥
emilio hernandez
emilio hernandez - پیش 11 ماه
This homie right here .. is a legend in the making, firme rolas homie keep up the good work loco !! Much props from Australia & Honduras !!
Magaly Juarez
Magaly Juarez - پیش 11 ماه
Rhi Oceguera
Rhi Oceguera - پیش 11 ماه
Who else is still listening in 2018?! 🙋🙋🙋🙋
Y&R Supreme
Y&R Supreme - پیش 11 ماه
its been 6 months from my 2 year breakup, phora
 getting me in my feelings.. hits close to home.
Marcelina Mottu
Marcelina Mottu - پیش 11 ماه
Angel with Broken Wings...Love all your albums the album Still A Kid is deep
evoltrvnce - پیش 11 ماه
Fuck ..
Gherbo Galvan
Gherbo Galvan - پیش سال
Everything I can relate too.....
Brandi Rupert
Brandi Rupert - پیش سال
I love all phoras shit!!! My favorite dude everrr ❤❤❤❤
Jocelyne - پیش سال
I fell asleep listening to this song , thats how you know im really in my feelings listening to this song. 💔
Daisy Josephine
Daisy Josephine - پیش سال
I can get lost in his music anyday
Hanna Canas
Hanna Canas - پیش سال
Current situation
XxCali Fresh1012Xx
XxCali Fresh1012Xx - پیش سال
Everytime we talk I feel like something missing
jelly g
jelly g - پیش سال
Who else thinks this is like jesse to jeana from bfvsgf
Kcbeast - پیش سال
I just found him out and i can relate to every song. Love his songs 💯💯
adriana riojas
adriana riojas - پیش سال
I love you so much😭😭😭
kyng solo
kyng solo - پیش سال
Good to see how far you have came. Keep it up
Jocelyne - پیش سال
Phora makes my life more valuable . 😩💯
Noreen Martinez
Noreen Martinez - پیش سال
this song is so amazing
d e s t i n y y
d e s t i n y y - پیش سال
as he says "YOURSTRULY FOREVER" now that is real
dripper - پیش سال
666 views at the end
Carmen Moreno
Carmen Moreno - پیش سال
Ella 223 Valenzuela
Ella 223 Valenzuela - پیش سال
I love you so much your music means everything to me it makes me cry but it made me think to let go of the fake people thx I really wanna meet u and hear your music in person but u live in California
Rey Lara
Rey Lara - پیش سال
Keep doing your thing Phora very unique sound your music gets lots of play here in New Mexico #IJNIP
Kaylene H.
Kaylene H. - پیش سال
Phora's got so much wisdom and is so understanding like fuck for someone who has a hard time ever explaining myself , he says everything I wish I could say , everything I feel & I think .
SincereLifestyle - پیش سال
This song is so underrated
Lupita Ramirez
Lupita Ramirez - پیش سال
love this song ❤❤
Emoe Marie
Emoe Marie - پیش سال
Savage Mexican Boi
Savage Mexican Boi - پیش سال
Yo, I definitely fucks wit this beat!
And damn Phora, you definitely hit me in the feels with them lyrics'
This has to be sampled, but what sample is it???
dead_again - پیش سال
t o k i m o n s t a
Alyssa Tyon
Alyssa Tyon - پیش سال
😢😢💔💔 help me
Kaylanie Willis
Kaylanie Willis - پیش سال
What's a good song for your best friend?? Can you give me some suggestions
Noreen Martinez
Noreen Martinez - پیش سال
on repeat my man !
FlyGuy Ty
FlyGuy Ty - پیش سال
This song reminds me of my ex bestfriend!
Josephine Sanchez
Josephine Sanchez - پیش سال
Jae T
Jae T - پیش سال
Star Garcia
Star Garcia - پیش سال
wow phora this song man relate so much so gifted bro keep it up next 2 pac
Librado Salazar
Librado Salazar - پیش سال
phora ur the best man can I have a respond back please?😟
Caleb Lee
Caleb Lee - پیش سال
Been rocking with you Marco
Yareli Larraga
Yareli Larraga - پیش سال
Omg you are like so amazing like wow so much talent !!!💘
stephanie chavez
stephanie chavez - پیش سال
Nov. 6 2009-Dec. 20 2014 💔
and all the special dates in between lost

08-04-2012 💑💏👰
Robert Koetter
Robert Koetter - پیش سال
this song speaks exactly what I'm going through. lady was there but I knew she wasn't thinking of me. always some dude. but I guess time really does show. hope life gets better for myself and everyone else that's going through the same.
SH4DOW REACTER - پیش سال
Facts man ur the best Man U give so many things people can relate to
MindIfI - پیش 2 سال
out of all your vids i like this one the most. idk i just like the style of it
Yurii Martinezz
Yurii Martinezz - پیش 2 سال
hes literally the realest rapper out there. he be talkin real stuff. some of these other rappers talk bout money sex and all dat. buh he be talkin real talk. #yourstruly 💙💙💙
Victoria Favela
Victoria Favela - پیش 2 سال
damn this shit so real
petty wap
petty wap - پیش 2 سال
ciara Salazar
ciara Salazar - پیش 2 سال
I miss him and us
Autumn Stephens
Autumn Stephens - پیش 2 سال
I cried
Nube Nine
Nube Nine - پیش 2 سال
Phora literally speaks out what I can't even put in words
Still remains to be my favorite song, along with other songs from him
#MuchLove from San Diego
Maribel Fraire
Maribel Fraire - پیش 2 سال
love this song
Rolando Haro
Rolando Haro - پیش 2 سال
Like how u relate bro much love keep doing ur thang
Kassie Marley
Kassie Marley - پیش 2 سال
Damn baby Phora. You speak my pain
David Gonzalez
David Gonzalez - پیش 2 سال
"It's crazy how we love people that hurt us and hurt people we love" :/
Dc4l - پیش 2 سال
Not the biggest Phora fan but he just gives me this chilled out feeling always
Tarif Anzum
Tarif Anzum - پیش 2 سال
yoooo what song did he sample? i sounds so familiar but i cant remember it
Diego Mansilla
Diego Mansilla - پیش 2 سال
Qohy - پیش 2 سال
please ^
Jasmine Murillo
Jasmine Murillo - پیش 2 سال
It's crazy how much you can relate to his music .❤️it sucks but it is what it is. Things happen for a reason . 😕...
Diane Betancourt
Diane Betancourt - پیش سال
Jass Xo I feel you girl.. my ex still has impact in my life, he's hurt me so damn fucken much like a lot and I can't seem to get over him still even if we have kids now by different people.. who knows if he even thinks of me
Alexcis Trujillo
Alexcis Trujillo - پیش 2 سال
Notorious Elan
Notorious Elan - پیش 2 سال
Vicstar 1225
Vicstar 1225 - پیش 2 سال
i sent this song to my ex and broke up with her after she hugged her ex that she said she hated right in front of me ik youre thinkin thats overreacting but she hugged him alot of days and she would barely hug me and it broke tf outta my heart and i told herb "i just stopped being the one for you"
Mali IsAdørable
Mali IsAdørable - پیش 2 سال
Aww. Keep looking man, she's out there for ya
Leticia Hernandez
Leticia Hernandez - پیش 2 سال
August 3rd, 2014 - August 26, 2016
Supremebean303 - پیش 2 سال
i love you still jade
stephy stephh
stephy stephh - پیش 2 سال
this shit is real
Cynthia Flores
Cynthia Flores - پیش 2 سال
this kept me from committing suicide over some lil lame ass foo
The GrinGo
The GrinGo - پیش 2 سال
Keep your head up ❤️
Cynthia Flores
Cynthia Flores - پیش 2 سال
this kept me from committing suicide over some lil lame ass foo
Kelbin .Deleon
Kelbin .Deleon - پیش 2 سال
felisha gonzales
felisha gonzales - پیش 2 سال
Edward Mora
Edward Mora - پیش 2 سال
🔥🔥🔥🔥👍👌💨💨@_loco____Brasi_was here
Israel Mercado
Israel Mercado - پیش 2 سال
So accurate in my situation.💯